Here"s the high level summary of lining E. Cheese tokens native, yet it has comprehensive list the varieties. Examine it out!

Here"s the list of tokens from simply 1995 to 2000.

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Here"s the overview:

Welcome come the Token Museum and also Gallery!

Here girlfriend will discover a listing that every chuck E. Cheese and also ShowBiz Pizza token well-known to exist. With time we"ll be including images to every token in the listing. Have actually a token that"s not in ours list, or details to share? girlfriend can contact us making use of our contact / Feedback page and let us know!

Metal species (Most typically Used)


Brass is the most widely offered metal. From the earliest come the most modern-day tokens, most of them are made the brass. Most of the common CEC and also ShowBiz tokens come be found are brass.Bronze was just used during the first couple of years of production on various Pizza Time Theatre Tokens. That is red in color, but not as red together copper. Bronze can cometimes be difficult to distinguish from oxidized brass.Nickel was frequently used come plate various other metals, and both nickel brass and also nickel zinc tokens exist for several of the design types.Painted tokens (usually red or blue) were used throughout the early years that PTT and also ShowBiz. The paint would ultimately wear off and often times damages the coin mechs, therefore this procedure was not supplied for really long. It need to be detailed that painting was excellent at the save level with typical spray paint. Therefore these tokens, return collectable, are not had in our listings.Copper was additionally used come plate various other metals. In ~ the mint, copper plated zinc tokens to be produced and used as manager tokens. Numerous tokens were also privately plated in copper for an early Pizza Time Theatre promo - these to be plated in bulk and often poorly done.Anodised (or Anodized) tokens to be made with out the years, and also were additionally used together manager tokens. Most frequently times, anodised tokens room pink. ShowBiz experimented through a rainbow of color however, and tokens have the right to be found in a range of colors and also shades.Zinc was occasionally used, greatly underneath plating. However some tokens exist that are made entirely of zinc. They space usually quite scarce and also can be identified by their dull luster and often bluish tint. Many tokens were likewise privately plated in zinc for an early Pizza Time Theatre promotion - these to be plated in bulk and often poorly done.Chromate coated tokens are few of the recent token-types produced. They space coated in a black color chromate enamel and likewise used as administration tokens in details markets.

Metal sizes (Most commonly Used)


The most common token size is the 25mm - it is around the size of a us quarter. The the smallest size used is the 20mm - i beg your pardon is around the size of a united state dime.

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The mid size - 22mm, 22.5mm, and also 23mm are regularly hard to identify from one an additional without the use of a token gauge. This is toughest to recognize on the ShowBiz tokens, since there"s no specific CEC design that exists in every 3 sizes. If you occur to have examples of all 3 mid-sized ShowBiz tokens they deserve to be distinctly compared - they slightly fit within one another. See scan above.