Following Stephen A Smith, Niall Horan, the 2nd guest host, had actually a beautiful response from viewers as he took over "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" whereby he hilariously revealed the brand-new name come "call" his fans.

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The irish singer-songwriter started off the display with a hoax of discussing his fans about his "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" guest hosting, which happened on Tuesday. The present even revealed a compilation of quote-tweets native fans the left your reactions in all-caps.

Alongside that, Horan talked about his fans, that he claimed are the ideal in the world, every this article.

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But there"s a problem he identified, and also that is their official name for themselves. The "Flicker" singer come up through a nice funny name for his fans that even got lock laughing.

Niall Horan and The "Horan Dogs"

"There"s a few in the mix," Horan continued his monologue. "Some that you may know: "Niall Nation." There"s some favorites. We got the "Niallers." but tonight- but tonight we"re gonna settle this once and also for all."

From currently on Niall Horan’s fans will be known as #HoranDogs! ❤️