The uses of carboxylic mountain space so substantial that they can be divided into numerous industries, such as pharmaceuticals (active because that the produce of vitamin C-based medicines) or food (production of soft drinks, manufacture of additives), amongst others.

Carboxylic mountain are basically organic acids having actually a carboxyl group among their components, attached to an alkyl or aryl group.

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they are stood for in a chemical formula together follows: COOH, and its denomination is due to the shortcut or mix of carbonyl (C = O) and also hydroxyl.

If the carbon chain has actually only one carboxyl group, the acids are called monocarboxylic acids or fatty acids, whereas if it has actually two carboxyl groups, the acids are dubbed dicarboxylic acids.

castle are likewise referred to as organic acids, and also are often"weak"acids, with only 1% the the RCOOH molecule dissociated right into ions (when that is in ~ room temperature and in an aqueous solution).

They room weaker acids than mineral mountain such together hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. However, its mountain is greater than that of alcohols.

These are polar substances, which come to type hydrogen bonds through each other or with the molecules of an additional substance.

What are the key uses that carboxylic acids?

Carboxylic acids take place naturally in fats, acidic dairy and citrus fruits, and among their most vital uses are:

Food sector

1- Additives.

2- preservatives (Sorbic acid and also benzoic acid).

3- Alkalinity regulator of many products.

4- manufacturing of soft drinks.

5- Antimicrobial agents against the activity of antioxidants. In this case, the tendency is for fluid antimicrobials to allow bioavailability.

6- main ingredient of usual vinegar (acetic acid).

7- Acidulant in carbonated beverages and foods (Citric acid and lactic acid).

8- Helper in the maturation of Swiss cheese (propionic acid).

9- Elaboration that cheese, sauerkraut, fermented cabbage and also soft drink (lactic acid).

Pharmaceutical market

10- Antipyretic and analgesic (acetylsalicylic acid).

11- active in the procedure of synthesis of aromas, in part drugs (butyric or butanoic acid).

12- Antimycotic (benzoic acid merged with salicylic acid).

13- active for the manufacture of medicines based upon vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

14- Fungicide (Caprylic acid).

15- produce of some laxatives (Hydroxybutanedioic acid).

Other markets

16- to produce of plastics and lubricants (Sorbic acid).

17- produce of varnishes, resins and transparent adhesives (acrylic acid).

18- manufacture of paints and also varnishes (Linoleic acid).

19- manufacture of soaps, detergents, shampoos, cosmetics and metal cleaning assets (Oleic acid).

20- to produce of toothpaste (Salicylic acid).

21- production of rayon acetate, photographic films and solvents because that paints (acetic acid).

22- production of dyes and also tanned (Methanoic acid).

23- produce of lubricating oils, impermeable materials and also paint dry (palmitic acid).

24- to produce of rubber (Acetic acid).

25- Elaboration that rubber and electroplating.

26- Solvent.

27- manufacturing of perfumes (benzoic acid).

28- manufacture of plasticizers and resins (phthalic acid).

29- Elaboration the polyester (terephthalic acid).

30- ready of paraffin candles (Stearic acid).

In farming they are also often used to enhance the high quality of fruit crops, raising the quantity and also weight the the fruit in part plants, and also their appearance and also their post-harvest duration.

Carboxylic acids are very present in the advancements of experimental and also biochemical chemistry, especially those regarded the fermentation important for the manufacturing of several products of commercial interest (antibiotics, organic solvents and vitamins, among others).

properties of carboxylic mountain

some properties of these chemicals are:


The first four aliphatic monocarboxylic acids space liquid and also water soluble.

This building decreases if the number of carbon atom increases, so from the dodecanoic acid, they start to it is in insoluble in water.

Boiling point

The boiling allude of this substances is elevated by the visibility of a twin hydrogen bond between their components.

Melting suggest

This is a home that varies according come the variety of carbons since these affect the association in between the molecules.

from the 6 carbons, an irregular key at the melting allude begins.

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