Not just do sandwiches contain different kinds that foods, however they are organized together by even more food. You have the right to eat them v your hands or through a knife and fork; you deserve to eat them because that breakfast, 2nd breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner; you have the right to make them sweet or savory, warm or cold; and you have the right to make castle with various parts that the English language (the nine parts of speech, to it is in exact).

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Wait, what now?

Did I shed you in ~ the finish there? (Or probably in the middle, wherein you acquired up to make yourself a delicious sandwich?) Yes, we have the right to make a sandwich utilizing grammar! and it will certainly be an amazing sandwich, I guarantee you. After ~ all, the English language has various components, or ingredients if friend will, just as sandwiches do. It’s made up of the nine components of speech, and they’re placed together in together a means that everything just works. (Just prefer that confusingly very delicious peanut butter and lettuce sandwich of grade institution days. Don’t look at me favor that. Just try it.)

We have the right to think the the various parts of speech like different parts the the English language. This will certainly be useful for understanding how sentences are placed together, and it’s also a good way to remember how every little thing fits together. Ns hope you’re hungry because it’s time come chow down!

The Nine components of Speech

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Conjunctions (The Cheese)

A conjunction is a component of speech that attributes as a connector between two sentences, clauses, phrases, or words. In writing, conjunctions have the right to be successfully used in lieu of beginning a brand-new sentence. The proper use of conjunctions allows for a much more natural flow and rhythm in writing. Famous conjunctions encompass for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so.

Because conjunctions attract relationships between parts that the sentence, they’re kind of choose cheese. Gooey, delicious, melting cheese. Mmmmm. . . Sorry, what was i talking around again? Oh, right! Cheese is choose a conjunction because conjunctions attach the components of a sentence.

Articles (The Mayo)

Articles assist determine whether you room referring come something that a specific type (with definite articles) or miscellaneous of a general kind (with unknown articles). There are just three write-ups (the, an, or a) in the English language, for this reason they are very easy to find in a sentence when you recognize them!

Just favor sandwiches are rather incomplete there is no mayo, sentences space incomplete there is no articles. Also, it’s pretty easy to tell once a sandwich doesn’t have actually mayo because it’ll it is in very, really dry. And also nobody likes a dried sandwich! It’s simply sad.

Prepositions (The Lettuce)

Prepositions attach nouns, pronouns, and phrases to the various other words in a sentence. The word or phrase that is introduced is called the object of the preposition. Simple prepositions include about, above, after, around, before, below, beneath, during, following, inside, into, near, onto, outside, over, through, to, toward, under, and upon. 

Let us think about how lettuce is choose prepositions. Lettuce acts as a bridge in between the bread and the meat. Plus, no sandwich is complete without that wonderful crunch. In the exact same way, prepositions are that absent link. Lock govern nouns (or pronouns) to express a relationship between nouns (or pronouns) and other native in a sentence.

Interjections (The Mustard)

An interjection is not necessarily grammatically associated to the sentence (e.g., “Hmmm . . . That’s right”), however it is designed come convey the feel of the speaker or narrator. Interjections space often complied with by an exclamation mark; because that example, “yum!” and also “wow!” space both interjections.

Like interjections, mustard can be how amazing (oh!) in taste and also smell, adding a tiny something extra to the sandwich. And also like mustard, interjections adjust the odor of the totality sentence. You’re done building your sandwich, so slap part mustard on it and tie a napkin about your neck.

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I expect you’re prepared to eat. We’ve been v the nine components of speech and also now have actually a splendid English-language sandwich to consume. It might even carry a tear to her eye.

There’s nothing much more satisfying 보다 the first bite that a beautiful layered sandwich you’ve operated so difficult to put together. So now that you’re finished, it’s time come enjoy. Why not kick back, eat your sandwich, and crack open up a book?