Bones in the Chest

The bones in the chest are very critical in protecting an important organs native injury, and also carry out structural assistance for the upper body. The thorax is commonly known together the chest. The skeleton in the chest are the thoracic vertebrae, the twelve bag of ribs, and the sternum. Connecting the upper ten pairs of ribs come the sternum is the costal cartilage.

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When talking about bones in the chest, let’s very first start off v the rib cage. The rib cage is one of the body’s finest defenses from injury indigenous impact. The ribs and also sternum comprise the ribcage. The rib cage protects major an essential organs such as the heart, lungs, and liver indigenous injury. The rib cage has 24 ribs. Every rib extends native the spinal cord and wraps roughly the body.


Anatomy of skeleton in the chest

The Chest Bones


With regards to bones in the chest, the sternum, or additionally known as the breastbone, is a long flat bone in the facility of the chest. Its huge purpose is to safeguard the heart. The sternum is attached to the first seven ribs and additionally to the clavicle, or collarbone. The sternum is comprised of 3 parts dubbed the manubrium, the body, and the xiphoid process. The peak of the sternum is called the manubrium.

It is associated to the an initial two ribs of the rib cage. The body, also called the blade, is right in the center of the sternum. It connects come the 3rd through saturday ribs and the eighth through tenth ribs indirectly. The xiphoid process is the bottom reminder of the sternum. Rib pairs one through seven are referred to as ‘true ribs’ because they connect directly come the sternum through costal cartilage. Rib bag eight v ten are called ‘false ribs’ because they are connected to the saturday rib.

Pain in the Sternum

If you space experiencing ache in the sternum you may think friend are having actually a heart attack. More than most likely sternum pain is unrelated come the heart and is led to by difficulties with the cartilage the the sternum or the sternum itself.

The most common reasons of ache in the sternum are:

Muscular strainCollarbone injurySternum fractureCostochondritis


The clavicle, or likewise known as the collarbone, extends across the former of the shoulder native the sternum to the scapula, or shoulder blade. One injury come this bone is frequently is because of an influence on the area such as a fall or hit once playing sports.


Shoulder injury after ~ a cycle accident

Clavicle Pain

Collarbone pain, also known together clavicle pain can be caused by a fracture, bone infection, or arthritis. Symptom of clavicle pain include:

A bulge over the collarboneTenderness at the collarbonePain when moving armDecreased selection of movement of the armShooting pain increase neck or down arm


The scapula, or shoulder blade, is a level triangular bone situated in the back of the shoulder. It connects v the collarbone in the front of the body. That is also is linked to the shoulder joint, i beg your pardon brings together the shoulder blade and the humerus, or the huge bone the the upper arm. Watch this video clip about why shoulder ache can’t wait because that treatment.


Sore shoulder blade

Scapula or Shoulder tongue Pain

Strain native lifting a heavy itemInjury from autumn or accidentWorking at a computer for lengthy periodsPoor postureSleeping in one odd position

In summary, the skeletal in the chest aid make up and also define the top body. Any kind of injury to any type of of this structures deserve to be really painful too as critical to protecting organs. If girlfriend feel the you have any injury to this bones in the chest, you re welcome consult your physician or her orthopaedic doctor in regard to suitable care and also treatment.

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