Making a soup, chili or sauce that calls because that tomato paste? If friend don’t have any type of on hand, it’s easy sufficient to whip increase a fast substitute. Here are numerous things that will certainly work.

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Tomato Puree or Tomato Sauce

Grab a can of tomato puree or tomato sauce from her pantry, and measure the end an amount that’s same to double the tomato paste referred to as for in the recipe. Then, location it in a saucepan, and also cook it under over low/medium-low heat, stirring frequently to stop burning. Proceed cooking, till the sauce or puree thickens, and also is reduced by half. Use your quickie tomato paste in ar of the tomato paste dubbed for in the recipe.

In a hurry? Skip the stove time, and also simply add twice as much tomato puree or tomato sauce. Since, this will include extra liquid to the dish, minimize the liquids in the recipe by the very same amount to compensate. This will offer you the tomato smell you’re feather for, but it won’t contribute any type of thickness.

Diced or Stewed Tomatoes

Strain a have the right to of diced or stewed tomato to remove the overfill liquids. Then, use twice as much of your preferred tomato product in ar of the tomato dough that’s called for. This will serve as a stand-in for both the flavor and also thickening strength of the paste.

Note: This substitute will add some structure to the finished dish. If your goal is a totally smooth soup or sauce, operation it v a blender or food processor before serving. Utilizing stewed tomatoes? This will certainly also include bell peppers, onions, celery and also spices to her recipe.


In a pinch, ketchup can additionally be offered as a substitute for tomato paste. Change it measure up for measure to offer your cooking recipes a burst of tomato flavor and thickness. Due to the fact that ketchup also contains vinegar, sugar and spices, it will change the flavor file of your recipe a smidge. Take into consideration whether this will job-related well v the various other ingredients in her recipe.

How much Substitute should I Use?

One have the right to of tomato dough is the equivalent of 6 oz. Or 3/4 cup. If you’re making a recipe the calls because that one have the right to of paste, use these dimensions as a beginning point come determine just how much instead of you should use.

How to prevent Tomato dough Waste

Often times, recipes only speak to for a pair tablespoons of tomato paste, which leaves the much better part the a have the right to unused. Instead, of sticking the remainder in the fridge, and hoping you’ll come up v a use for that later, start freezing her extras. An ice cream cube tray is perfect because that this. Every cube that you fill is the identical of 2 tablespoons that tomato paste. Just pop the tray in the freezer, and transfer the cubes come a freezer bag as soon as they’re frozen. Be sure to label the bag, so you’ll know what’s within later.

To usage your frozen tomato paste: merely pull out the number of cubes girlfriend need. Then, add them to the pan when you add your spices. This will give the tomato dough a possibility to caramelize together it thaws. If you’re adding the tomato dough to a soup, stew or chili recipe, you have the right to simply toss the frozen cubes directly into the pot. They’ll thaw as your soup cooks.

Here’s exactly how to determine how countless cubes you need for your recipe:

• 2 cubes = 1/4 cup• 4 cubes = 1/2 cup• 6 cubes = 3/4 cup• 8 cubes = 1 cup

Another method to avoid waste, is to switch to purchase tomato paste in a tube. This product keeps in the fridge for months, and permits you to measure out just what you need.

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Don’t sweat it, if you’re out of tomato paste. Right here are numerous substitutes you deserve to use.

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