These straightforward and an imaginative Lent principles for families will aid you and also your children grow closer come God and also reflect on the things that are most essential in your life. Lent is a an excellent opportunity come realign your very own will through God’s will, and reassert his sovereignty in your life. Why not perform this as a family and also either provide up something meaningful for Lent or communicate in one more practice the will aid draw you closer to God and kind you right into the creatures the he plan you come be.

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Read much more below for some simple and an imaginative Lent ideas for family members that you can practice together.

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What is Lent?

Lent is the season leading up to Easter, start on Ash Wednesday and lasting because that 40 days (not including Sundays – technically, it’s 46 days long).

Lent is it was observed by Christians around the world, consisting of Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Methodists, and also Eastern and also Oriental Orthodox Christians. Lent is a season for reflection and also preparation because that Easter.

Typically, Lent involves three practices: repentance (or penance), almsgiving, and fasting. (Which basically method recognizing your own sin, giving to others, and giving something up because that a season.)

Fasting is the most famous Lenten practice, and for most Christians who observe Lent, the concern on everyone’s lips is: “What are you providing up because that Lent this year?”

Lent doesn’t have to be about “giving miscellaneous up”, though. And it is certainly not an exercise is asceticism and self-control. Lent is fundamentally around realigning ourselves with God’s will and solidifying God’s reign in our lives.

There are plenty of ways the you have the right to do this.

Many believer will select to offer something up for Lent, in bespeak to intentionally mirror Christ’s own temptations in the desert.

And these to be Christ’s temptations:

material comfortworldly powerrelevancepopularitydoubtcontrol

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Lent is an chance for united state reflect top top what is truly important to us, and also to resist the temptations of the world that complete with God. This resistance is not around asserting our own self-will over coffee, or chocolate, or social media, or every little thing it is the we pick to provide up for Lent. Instead, it is about making room for God in our lives and surrendering those things that contend with Him.

What to do for Lent this Year

Giving up something for Lent becomes an ext meaningful and an ext impactful if you offer up something that makes an ext space for God in your life. quite than giving up cacao or coffee, offer up display time (and spend that time v your family or in bible study and prayer), give up complain or criticizing….

You can additionally start a new habit because that Lent. If Lent is about affirming God’s power in our lives and intentionally mirroring Christ’s own temptations, then beginning a brand-new habit have the right to be just as reliable as providing something up. Below, you’ll find some straightforward Lent principles for family members that will help you to center your lives on God.

Why observe Lent together a Family?

Observing Lent will offer your family members the possibility to affirm God’s reign in her life, to discover to depend more on Him, to grow in gratitude, and also become an ext like the creatures that God intended united state to be.

Observing Lent as a family will additionally open up room for conversations about faith and also God. Talking through your kids around their faith, making an are for questions, and engaging in concrete methods will make faith more impactful because that your entire family.

Giving increase something systematic that makes much more space for God in your life, or adopting a exercise that reaffirms God’s foundational place, is one method that you have the right to make one otherwise “invisible” faith “visible”. (The an ext kids see you practicing your very own faith, and also the more they deserve to engage with their own, the much more real it i do not care to them.)


6 points to offer Up because that Lent as a Family

If you want to provide something up together a family for Lent, right here are some straightforward and an innovative ideas that will aid you come realign your will with God’s, and also to reaffirm His regime in her life.

Give up display screen time. probably not 100% for all of Lent. (I understand my family members wouldn’t survive that.) however limit display screen time during Lent. Give up one details thing, favor social media. Or perform a 1 hour a day screen cost-free rule, where you simply hang out and also play games with each other.Give up busyness. For six weeks, fast some the crazy speed of life. Give up one extracurricular and spend the moment at home instead, resting and spending time through each other. Don’t volunteer because that things. Allow someone rather host holy bible studies.Give increase a product comfort. perhaps you desire to offer up meat, or single-use plastic, or candy for Lent. Choose one point to provide up. If you room all fasting native something together a household (not necessarily the same thing), friend can administer each various other with some moral support.Give increase a vice. try giving increase complaining, or criticizing, or talking about yourself during Lent.Give up eat out and also take out food. placed the money that you save away and also donate it to a charity, a ministry, or a household in need at Easter.Go on a security fast. Okay, therefore you need to buy groceries (and diapers if friend have little ones). However give up buying toys and also other luxuries during Lent. Buy just what you absolutely need.

20 an ext Lent principles for Families

Lent doesn’t necessarily need to be around giving miscellaneous up. Shot implementing a brand-new practice for 40 days (or longer).

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Implement a 1-hour a day “no phones” rule.Start a family members game night.Start volunteering.Spend part time creating letters come people.Donate money. Do it fun for the children by letting them pick the charity.Start a devotion. Devotions are great additions to the bedtime routine.Adopt a child through an organization like civilization Vision or Compassion Canada.Start a prayer journal as a family.Start a gratitude newspaper as a family.Donate playthings that your kids no much longer play with.Donate extra things that you may have that rather don’t have enough of (coats, hats, mitts…)Collect one item of food each day from her pantry come donate.Encourage one an additional daily.