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It’s generally said the a dissension doesn’t go as much as it offered to. Also some that the businesses referred to as “dollar stores” now sell pricier items. And also now McDonald’s Dollar food selection is called the “$1 $2 $3 disagreement Menu.”

And have you priced “penny candy” lately? You’re going to need more than one copper-colored Abraham Lincoln coin to satiate your sweet tooth.

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And yet, it’s surprising and also somewhat comforting the there are still lot of of points 100 pennies can buy. Indigenous greeting cards come music, it’s to solve to perform a tiny shopping without breaking the bank.

Here’s a watch at simply a couple of things you have the right to purchase for simply one George Washington. Some expense even less.

1. Vacation decor and party favors

bbernard /

Head to your neighborhood Target store and also look for the “Bullseye’s Playground” section. It provided to be referred to as “The One Spot” and was known for $1 deals.

As the new name suggests, no everything costs $1, yet you can uncover plenty. The One spot especially great for recognize seasonal decorative items and small toys the make perfect kids’ party favors. /

You have the right to surely uncover dollar-priced greeting cards at dollar stores, yet you could be surprised to discover that there’s another good place to find them.

Trader Joe’s, the trendy grocery keep chain, uses artist-designed greeting cards for just $0.99.

3. E-books for Amazon Kindle

antoniodiaz /

You don’t require a Kindle e-reader to check out Kindle e-books indigenous Amazon. Simply download the totally free Kindle app and read Kindle e-books on your smartphone or computer. We define further in “This Trick allows You check out E-Books without an E-Reader.”

Once you’ve excellent that, you can buy all kinds of Kindle books. However if you desire to stick come our one-dollar challenge, examine out Amazon"s ever-changing an option of 99-cent Kindle books. Countless are free, and you’ll discover plenty to read, indigenous thrillers come romances to scientific research fiction.

4. Scratch-off lottery ticket

Icatnews /

What’s the price come dream? part lottery tickets have gotten complex and pricey: You may be compelled to scrape off spaces in a crossword-puzzle layout or shot to enhance numbers while adhering to a maze. And scratch-offs can expense as much as $10.

But if girlfriend look — options vary by state — you can still discover the $1 scratchers. Here’s hope you’ll success big.

5. Assembly brushes

Lithiumphoto /

The Wet n Wild brand uses some that the many inexpensive makeup products around. They’re found at various chains, consisting of Walgreens and also Target. Few of the items price a few bucks or more, however at part stores, girlfriend can always find a couple of Wet n Wild assets that sell for $0.99. has actually several Wet n Wild items at that price, including lipstick, pond polish, eye shadow and also a pencil sharpener.

6. McDonald’s food

Sorbis /

Popular fast-food chain McDonald’s has increased its dissension menu, making it a “$1 $2 $3 dollar Menu,” yet there are plenty of products for simply a buck.

Exact offerings differ by location, yet they may encompass coffee and also soft drinks, little sandwiches and sausage burritos.

7. Taco Bell food

kitzzeh /

Mexican fast-food chain Taco Bell has long been known for short prices and late-night hours.

Order from the restaurant’s Value food selection if you want to stick come the $1 offerings, which might include simple nachos, a chicken chipotle melt, cheesy bean-and-rice burritos, beef burritos and cinnamon twists.

8. Four movies from Disney Movie Club

Monkey business Images / Money talks News

Yes, you’ve seen a lot of headlines lately around Disney Plus, the brand-new streaming organization from the home of the Mouse. But for those who favor physical movies, you have the right to join the Disney Movie society to receive 4 Disney movies (DVD or Blu-ray) because that $1 total.

(The well print: You’ll have to agree to buy a minimum variety of additional movies at the continuous price, add to shipping and also processing charges.)

9. Dorm or first-apartment essentials

maroke /

Next time you’re help a girlfriend or relative move into their very first place, take a detour come a dollar store to fill up on necessities.

On a recent pilgrimage there, we discovered everything from cleaning provides (cleanser, rubber gloves) and also light bulbs to shower caddies and food-storage containers. Perfect for setup up a new home.

10. Sample stickers

Amalia Zilio /

You deserve to scoop increase a sample load of difficult goodies for just a dollar in ~ Sticker Mule, a custom sticker company.

The fill doesn’t just include stickers. It likewise has magnets and also labels. Shipping is free.

11. Baking bargains

antoniodiaz /

Have part baking to do? Dollar stores are good places to share up top top pantry staples you can use to roasted cookies, cakes and pies because that party guests.

Matej Kastelic /

Need a tiny coin purse to bring change, emergency Band-Aids or any variety of small items? A find for “women"s purses and also pouches” on Amazon transforms up a fun choice of tiny coin purses because that fun presents or date of birth party favors. Use the “sort” menu in the upper right of the page to arrange results from lowest-to-highest-priced.

Remember, though: Shipping add to a pair of bucks.

These are a practiced reminder of the purse Grandma provided to take her coins to the neighborhood garage sale.

13. Infant paraphernalia

SUKJAI photo /

Is a new baby coming right into your life? Sure, you most likely want come spend much more than $1 top top your main baby-shower gift, however you can add in some inexpensive extras to help get the new parents turn off to a pampered start.

Dollar save offerings will vary, but look for such goodies together rattles, gelatin teething toys, bibs and also booties for $1.

14. Wedding supplies

oliveromg /

You can conveniently spend thousands ~ above a luxe wedding, but the knot will certainly be tied just as solidly if you store the cash for your honeymoon or a house down payment.

Oriental Trading, a party and also crafts supplier, has actually a choice of wedding provides for $1 or also less. Several of the clearance items we spotted: elegant cellophane bags for favors, vibrant chair decorations and also luggage tags, because that the honeymoon.

15. Magazines

Kinga /

With so countless online publication trying to lure readers, publish magazines room willing to cut some remarkable deals.

For an ext options, check out “4 ways to check out Magazines for cost-free or Cheap.”

16. Tradition bookmarks

Ivanko80 /

For a personalized and meaningful gift, put your favorite photograph or your child’s artwork on a custom bookmark from NextDayFlyers.

You can’t buy simply one, however if you’re ready to splurge on the minimum order of 25 because that $12.95, this coated, colorful, 2-inch-by-6-inch bookmarks price as tiny as $0.52 each. That contains shipping.

17. Dollhouse miniatures

G-Stock Studio /

If someone in your life has a dollhouse the they keep much better stocked 보다 a real home, do some virtual shopping because that miniatures at Factory direct Craft. Plenty of tiny developments there sell for $1 or less.

18. Beads

FXQuadro /

Once girlfriend stumble under the hare hole of jewelry-making, you’ll discover what one addictive understanding it can be.

You have the right to pay a lot of to save your products stocked, or you can examine out DollarBead, which offers a dazzling array of vivid beads because that $1 or less. Glass beads, gemstone-style beads and also many others were among the rainbow the offerings when we checked.

19. First-day covers

Andrey_Popov /

A “first-day cover” is a collectible indigenous the U.S. Postal Service. These covers attribute a commemorative postage stamp that has actually been canceled ~ above the an initial date the stamp was issued.

If you or who you care for would certainly appreciate the sentiment featured top top a particular stamp, a first-day cover provides a historical keepsake or frame-worthy occupational of art.

The USPS sells number of for $0.99. Walk to First-Day Covers at and sort through low-to-high price.

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20. Pack ribbon

Prostock-studio /

Check your local dollar keep for roll of pack ribbon.