LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--NBCUniversal’s spain cable network mun2 transitions to become NBC UNIVERSO – the company’s modern general to chat cable channel for Latinos – on Sun., Feb. 1, the work it airs the exclusive Spanish-language telecast of Super key XLIX. NBC UNIVERSO viewers who subscribe to DIRECTV will be able to view every one of the network’s programming – including Super bowl XLIX – in HD, as the satellite provider will offer HD carriage that the channel beginning today, Jan. 30. DIRECTV is the an initial Pay TV provider to market NBC UNIVERSO in HD, and also the network proceeds to have conversations with every one of its distributor partners.

NBC UNIVERSO is likewise announcing new programming start on Feb. 1, and also through the winter and also spring seasons.

“We’ve promised Latinos high-quality programming, masterful storytelling and also the finest sports gift in culturally appropriate ways,” claimed Rubén Mendiola, president, NBC UNIVERSO. “Our new programming is just the very first step in transporting on this promise come our Latino viewers, and also building a wealthy platform because that distributors and advertisers come reach crucial portion of the populace with growing influence.”

top top its debut day, NBC UNIVERSO will start its brand-new era with the airing of “Bienvenidos a NBC UNIVERSO,” a half-hour unique that offers viewers a sneak peak into the programming, and a taste of what’s to come, ~ above NBC UNIVERSO. The distinct will air in ~ 1 a.m. ET, and also again immediately after Super bowl XLIX.

~ the post-game airing the “Bienvenidos a NBC UNIVERSO,” the network will air a distinct preview that its very first new acquired series of the re-launched network. Dubbed “Crónica de Castas,” this nine-episode fictional drama collection was filmed in the small, impoverished ar of Tepito in Mexico City, and follows the resides of polarizing personalities whose stories revolve around the local Hotel Galicia. Nothing is together it appears in “Crónica de Castas,” as the collection deeply explores these complex characters and all the keys they hide. This is the pay TV debut the the series in the U.S., which will certainly run in full later this winter.

In line with its mission to bring Latinos must-see live occasions with a Latin flavor, and also continuing its shipment of hot music offerings, NBC UNIVERSO will certainly telecast “Festival Viña del Mar” – the greatest music festival in Latin America, featuring some of the most-renowned artist in the world. Live native Chile, the 2015 Festival Viña Del Mar will be checked out in the U.S. Solely on NBC UNIVERSO. The excitement starts on Feb. 22, streaming virtual at nbcuniverso.com; details regarding its TV telecast will certainly be announced in ~ a later on date.

Finally, a staple of NBC UNIVERSO’s routine lineup the previous two years, the network is pleased to announce that worldwide Latin icon and also star that the network’s #1 collection “Larrymania,” Larry Hernandez will certainly come back to the network beginning spring 2015. “Larrymania” kicks turn off season four with the multi-award winning artist’s never-ending attempt to balance his life together a father, son, partner and high file celebrity. With much more than 7 million active fans on society media and a non-stop multi-city concert tour, this season will bring more adventures, drama and surprises.

In enhancement to cutting-edge entertainment, NBC UNIVERSO proceeds to provide top sports franchises telecast through a Latin flavor. Together with the NFL, the network is in the middle of airing much more than 100 matches that the Premier organization 2014-15 season. The amazing sports activity continues transparent the balance the the year, including four FIFA civilization Cups in 2015: Men’s FIFA U-20 world Cup, organized by brand-new Zealand from might 29 come June 19; FIFA Women’s people Cup™ played in Canada from June 6 come July 5; Men’s FIFA coast Soccer world Cup hosted by Portugal from July 9 come July 19; and also FIFA U-17 human being Cup played in Chile from October 17 to November 8. NBC UNIVERSO likewise will specifically showcase WWE programming access time “WWE Raw” and “WWE Smackdown” in Spanish; The NASCAR Mexico Series, i m sorry starts on march 13 with the an initial of 15 races; and also next year, The Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

added NBC UNIVERSO programming details will be announced this spring.


NBC UNIVERSO is a modern-day general entertain cable channel because that Latinos, pass the world’s optimal sports franchises and also edgy, emotionally programming to an ext than 40 million households in the U.S. As one of the many widely available modern-day cable networks for U.S. Latinos, NBC UNIVERSO delivers in Spanish language a trembling mix of exclude, sports action – including FIFA people Cup™, NASCAR Mexico Series, NFL, Premier league and the 2016 Olympic Summer games in Rio – along with signature series, blockbuster movies, music, must-see live events and strategic acquisitions, top top TV, online and mobile devices. NBC UNIVERSO is component of spain Enterprises and Content, a department of NBCUniversal, one of the world"s top media and also entertainment companies. NBCUniversal is a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation.

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For much more information, you re welcome visit www.nbcuniverso.com.