DCEU: how Each significant Character Is supposed To look (Based ~ above The Comics) because that the many part, the DCEU has functioned hard to store their spreading comic book accurate - yet there space a couple of that have switched points up.

Both the disadvantage and also the benefit of comic-book characters happens come the fact that they can have miscellaneous looks - relying on who"s drawing them. However, many well-established DC superheroes occur to have a certain look that"s become linked with them transparent the years.

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When the DCEU come along, that didn"t constantly mirror the comics closely. And that includes not just the way the personalities behave, or their common relationships, but also the means they look. In fact, a lot of the actors illustrating well-known superheroes (and villains) in the DCEU are very different indigenous the way their characters look in the comic-books.

Superman"s main attributes in the comics - as well as his above-average elevation of 6ft 2inch - is his black color hair and also piercing blue eyes. Superman is person that is abnormal handsome and also muscular. Henry Cavill is well-known for his strong physique. Standing in ~ 6ft 1inch, Cavill is just slightly much shorter than Superman. However, his hair is dark brown, not black. And while Cavill does have blue eyes, they"re no as light as Superman"s. The overall impression is however close sufficient to comic-book Superman.

Harley Quinn comics DCEU
Harley Quinn doesn"t choose to it is in bored, and also as such, she switched she looks multiple time in the comics. What the films caught well is Harley"s unnaturally pale skin - she"s had this colour ever due to the fact that the Joker dropped her right into the mountain vat. Harley is 5ft 7inch high while Margot Robbie is just 5ft 5inch. Robbie also has a different eye shade - her eyes are brown, Harley"s blue. And also as for her hair, Harley does have blond hair in the comics v its end dyed - similar to the DCEU version.

In the comics, Barry Allen, aka the Flash, has substantially different features. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Ezra Miller, on the other hand, has actually black hair and dark brown eyes. The DCEU isn"t the first case that Barry looking different - approve Gustin, who plays Barry in the TV show The Flash, has brown hair but he does have actually blue eyes. The comic-book the speed is 6ft tall however Ezra fearbut is slightly shorter, 5ft 11inch.

7 Aquaman

Aquaman is among the DCEU superheroes whose looks are substantially different in comparison come the comics. Just like the Flash, Arthur Curry has blonde hair and blue eyes in the comics.

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Jason Momoa has some blonde shades in his hair yet it"s still largely brown. The also has a dark beard, and has environment-friendly eyes, not blue. Interestingly enough, Jason Momoa is one of the couple of superhero actors who"s actually taller than the hero the portrays. Momoa is 6ft 4inch tall, however Aquaman is "only" 6ft 1inch.

festival Gadot looks comparable to Wonder Woman but one could be surprised to learn that the little details room all wrong. Wonder Woman has black hair and blue eye in the comics. She stands in ~ 6ft, i beg your pardon is one unusual elevation for a human being woman (but it"s various for the Amazonians). Gal Gadot, top top the various other hand, has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She supplied to be a model and is reasonably tall, 5ft 9inch, however not together tall as the comic-book Wonder Woman.

5 Shazam

The comic-book Shazam looks similar to Superman - he"s likewise tall, muscular, and has black color hair and also blue eyes. However, your costumes distinguish them and their behavior. In his adult form, Billy Batson aka Shazam is 6ft 2inch tall. Zachary Levi, who depicted Shazam, is also slightly higher - 6ft 3inch. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes which renders him look various than his comic-book counterpart.

similar to Superman and Shazam, Batman is another popular DC superhero who has the same set of attributes - black color hair and blue eyes. And also he"s simply as tall as the two heroes - 6ft 2inch. That renders them look similar to the untrained eye once they"re no in their costumes.

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However, no such confusion is continue in the DCEU due to the fact that Ben Affleck looks various than Henry Cavill and also Zachary Levi. Affleck has the right height - 6ft 2inch - yet the similarities finish there because his hair is dark brown and his eyes space hazel.

3 black Canary

more than one woman held the title of black Canary in the comics - but Dinah Drake, the main Black Canary, has actually blonde hair and blue eyes. Dinah stands in ~ 5ft 7inch tall. Jurnee Smollett-Bell played Dinah in Birds of prey (2020). At 5ft 6inch, she"s practically as tall together comic-book Dinah. Her natural shade is black, despite (brown in the film), and she has actually dark brown eyes, no blue.

Helena Bertinelli, aka the Huntress, is an additional character who appeared both in the Arrowverse and in the DCEU. As her lock hints, Helena originates from an Italian household - so it"s no a surprise she has black hair and also brown eyes. At 5ft 11inch, she"s additionally taller than most female superheroes. Mar Elizabeth Winstead is 3 inches shorter than the comic-book Huntress. She has dark brown hair and also dark brown eyes, a bit similar to the comics.

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1 Renee Montoya

Finally, there"s additionally Renee Montoya, the previous cop who additionally joined the team bird of Prey. Renee is 5ft 8inch tall in the comics, she has black hair and brown eyes. Renee"s DCEU actress Rosie Perez is significantly much shorter - she"s 5ft 1inch tall. But even though her hair is dark brown, she in ~ least has actually dark brown eyes choose comic-book Renee.

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