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ok i believed it was a 350, yet my ar who worked at GM claimed he think its bigger climate a 350, i dont know if theres almost everywhere in the truck to look therefore im just many cubic inches is it?


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I thought you multiply liters displaced by 61.2, therefore it need to be 367.2:insane:But it have to be about 360:anitoof:

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Yeah, 368 sounds right.350 / 5700 = .0614035xxxxxxx .06140 * 6000 = 368.4So 368 Cubic inch assuming a 5.7l engine is precisely 5700 cc"s
the 5.7L is actually a 347.8353 cithe 6.0L is 366.1425 and also might be rounded to 367 or 368.1L=61.02374 ci
the 5.7L is in reality a 347.8353 cithe 6.0L is 366.1425 and might it is in rounded come 367 or 368.1L=61.02374 ci
Keep in mental the 5.7 LS1 to be rounded as much as 5.7 together while the 5.7 LT1 motors were more along the present of actual 350"s rather of 347"s. I review somewhere the the new LS1"s room actually 5.6x engines rounded increase
the 5.7L is actually a 347.8353 cithe 6.0L is 366.1425 and might it is in rounded to 367 or 368.1L=61.02374 ci
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yeah, the does have it need to think to, 350 = 5.7, 351 = you cant acquire it precise using 350/5.7...but it is somewhere between 61 and also 62 ci/L
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Both the Gen III and also Gen IV 6.0 together Vortec engines had actually identical displacement that 5.967 L, or 364.1 cubic inches. These engines had actually a bore of 4.0 inches through a stroke of 3.62 inches.
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