The key to knowledge whether a chipmunk will chomp on her garden, your lawn furniture, or your cords lies within understanding WHY they eat the means they do.

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In this article, we"ll deal with the reasons a chipmunk has its details eating habits, and ways to possibly predict what these garden pests could do next.



Chipmunks, your Teeth, and also Their Diet

Believe that or not, chipmunks (as well as other members the the squirrel family) have 4 teeth in the former of your mouths that never ever stop growing.

These teeth are called incisors, and also they grow like semi-circles inside of a chipmunk"s mouth throughout its lifetime.

Chipmunks held in the care of human beings receive consistent clipping of their incisors to stop a ache overgrowth. However, a very minuscule fraction of chipmunks live in human care, for this reason the squirrel in the wild execute what"s herbal to them: shot to clip their teeth in their very own way.

By making use of their this to chew through difficult items like wood, acorns, and even digital cables, they deserve to naturally "clip" the overgrowth by breaking off components of your teeth.

What will certainly a chipmunk Bite?

In the wild, chipmunks prefer to nibble ~ above natural foods items such as

NutsSeedsDried fruitSticksLogsAcorns

The especially hard foods items like nuts, seeds, and acorns serve a twin purpose for chipmunks: they space a resource of nutrition while also helping to relieve the irritation of the farming incisors.

However, chipmunks have actually been recognized to crunch through non-food items as well; points like

Wooden lawn itemsWires of surrounding carsWood paneling/baseboardsWooden rafters/beams

So, chipmunks Aren"t Vicious towards Humans?

We"ll it is in honest: the likelihood the a squirrel biting a person is slim come none.

In fact... If you"ve ever been bitten through a chipmunk, please let us know in the comments under below!

These small guys understand that they"re small, and really susceptible to attack from bigger predators. Usually, they"ll run away from a human being who is draw close them, since they space ultra-fast and incredibly reflexive.

It"s not entirely unheard of for a chipmunk to bite a person, but it is rare. In some cases, if a human gets too close come a chipmunk and also traps it, the chipmunk might resort to its this as that is last heat of defense. However, chipmunks prefer to use their teeth only to chomp on inanimate objects, and not the end of aggression; completely to mitigate the ache of their ever-growing incisors.

Are "Chipmunk Cheeks" really a Thing?

The prize is yes!

This isn"t just an old wive"s tale or a item of inaccurate folklore. Chipmunks are distinctive in the truth that castle can expand their cheeks to three times the common size.

But why does this happen?

Isn"t it painful to chipmunks to stretch the end their skin favor that? Well, they execute this so that they deserve to store nuts because that the winter, simply as the old folklore says. The is one evolutionary advantage they"ve crafted, and doesn"t reason the chipmunks any type of pain.

Here"s what happens: during warm months, squirrel scamper around on the surface ar of the woodland (or, potentially, her yard). Lock look approximately for nuts, acorns, or any other food source which won"t rot if stored because that a lengthy time. When they view something they"d favor to take earlier to the burrow they"ve dug because that their period of winter hibernation, they stash the food in your cheeks for hands-free transport. Chipmunks eat sparingly in the heat months, and also use the time to stash far food gives for your hibernation through winter.

Alvin and The ChipmunksDidn"t Sound like That...

If you"ve spent a most time hiking or hill climbing, you"ve probably heard a strange, shrill shriek in the forest from time to time. As soon as they space scared or intimidated, squirrel make a an extremely distinct chirping sound. This scream almost sounds choose an alert ringing out to other chipmunks in the vicinity.

They execute this when they feel as though they space being threatened, or their stays are in danger. Not only do they usage this sound to hope scare off the predator, yet as a warning sign to the other chipmunks in the burrow that there"s an intruder that could cause danger.

This noise can, understandably, be a substantial nuisance to humans who live nearby. If you have actually chipmunks in your yard the chirp every time girlfriend walk outside, it have the right to make the idea of relaxing on her patio ~ a lengthy workweek it seems ~ dreadful.

What Chipmunks prefer To Eat...In A signature (Pun Intended)

If a chipmunk could choose its own food, what would he choose?

With a people of natural options out there, squirrel have appreciated a variety of new additions to your palettes in current years with human initiatives to tempt them into traps.

Are Nuts and also Seeds the Chipmunk"s Favorite?

This is the photo that pertains to mind when you think of a chipmunk or a squirrel: scampering roughly a garden of freshly fallen foliage, crunching from one sheet to another, trying to find acorns.

Actually, this image is no too far from the truth!

Chipmunks love the crunch of one acorn and its shell, and the acorn offers a ton that nutritional worth to the chipmunk. Also, acorns and also other nuts right perfectly in ~ the extended cheeks that a chipmunk, for this reason they"re best for storing because that the wintertime hibernation.

What type of nuts carry out chipmunks eat?

Well, they love any kind lock touch. Peanuts, almonds, cashews, you name it. If it"s got a note of salt and a large crunch, the chipmunk will happily chow down on it.

Here"s a little-known fact about the squirrel diet:

Birdseed is an additional top contender for achipmunk"s favorite food. An ext often 보다 not, chipmunks will go for this reason far as to steal birdseed native bird feeders (to the chagrin of homeowners who collection the feeders because that birds come graze).

If you ever want to tempt a chipmunk toward something (or even away native something), producing a trace of birdseed is the means to go.

Which Dried Fruits are Best?

Chipmunks love the sweet of dried fruits, and also the texture.

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The rubbery consistency of fruits choose raisins, dried plums, and dried apricots are perfect for capturing a chipmunk"s attention. This dried fruit aren"t usually discovered in the forests where squirrel live, so squirrel are really curious upon very first discovering them in someone"s yard. After the very first chomp, the taste rolls in and also the chipmunks room hooked.