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Spunky, fun-loving, and also comical! that’s a Conure bird because that you. If anything, this beautiful and bold birds have come to be extremely well-known pet companions many thanks to your loving personalities.


And unequal dogs, Conures live for an ext than 20 years. Though the vitality and also healthiness of these birds depends entirely on what castle eat. Conures must have actually a proper diet if lock to command a healthy, long life.

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With the said, here’s every little thing you must know around what and how conures eat:

Foods Conures have the right to Eat

Conure enthusiasts will certainly tell you the a low-fat diet in addition to balanced nutrients supplements is the most ideal because that Conures.

Meals with all kinds of nutrients specify what a Conure balanced diet is. In other words, you must feed her Conure foods from every groups- carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, proteins.

Not to point out that whatever you feed your pet bird must be fresh. Just think that conures choose children. Stale, musty, and hard food will just make castle sick. In fact, new food is much an ext nourishing to Conures even when the uncooked and also raw.

Example of foodstuffs your Conure will enjoy include:

– Fruits and Veggies

Greens, vegetables, and fruits ought to account for about 20- 25% of a Conure’s day-to-day diet. Nonetheless, protect against offering your pet bird pale vegetables (with high water composition) such together head lettuce, celery, Iceberg, etc. Together they provide tiny nutritional value.

Also, ensure the all fruits and veggies available to Conures gain washed completely to get rid of any type of chemicals. And serve them in different dishes, cutting each veggie into controlled pieces relying on your Conure’s size.

Serving fruits and veggies in separate dishes will assist you establish what her Conure fancies.

– Beans and Legumes

Experts recommend that you carry out your Conure v legumes such as chickpeas, pinto beans, kidney beans, black-eyed peas, mung, lentils, etc. In any type of case, legumes are wonderful source of protein and feature fibre as well as many various vitamins. Take note that you have to never feed your Conure any type of dry beans.

So certain soak and cook her legumes prior to serving them to her Conure. Girlfriend see, uncooked dried beans contain part enzyme inhibitors that are indigestible in birds.

– commercial Food

Commercial pellets or seeds generally come with all the nutritional elements your pets bird needs to it is in healthy. In fact, pellets ought to represent about 75-80% that a Conure’s diet. Take note that hand-raised infant Conures space the simplest to present to pellets.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that there are many ideal brands of commercial foodstuffs out over there featuring pellets of different colors, shapes, and also flavors. One an excellent example is the Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro health and wellness Egg-Cite! Conure & Lovebird Food, 3-lb Bag.

Foods to avoid Feeding your Conure

According come Dr Lauri Hess, DVM, a plank Certified Avian medical practitioner and Diplomate the the American board of veterinarian Practitioners, “avoid any foods that contain preservatives, dyes, and also high levels of sugars, fats, and also salts“.

With that said, here’s a perform of daily foods friend shouldn’t offer your conure:

– Avocados

The avocado plant contains a compound well-known as persin. That acts together a fungicide and can cause respiratory difficulty, weakness, love damage, and also death. Persin is current in avocado fruits, leaves, seeds, stems, and bark.

– Caffeine

Caffeine boosts a Conure’s heart rate and can cause hyperactivity, arrhythmias, and also even cardiac arrests in birds. Therefore no matter exactly how much you love and also appreciate caffeinated commodities like coffee, soft drinks, and also tea, stand up to the urge of sharing them through your feathered companion.

– Chocolate

One thing’s for sure. Most bird species find it hard to withstand chocolate-containing foods and chocolate itself. Conures are no different.

Nonetheless, even tiny amounts of coco can be toxic to her pet bird because chocolate contains both caffeine and also theobromine. Take keep in mind that theobromine leads to vomiting as well as diarrhoea in birds. And also in extreme cases, seizures and also tremors.

– apple Seeds and Fruit Pits

In as lot as most fruits are typically healthy and safe for Conures come eat, fruits through seeds (apples, pears) and also pits (cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, and also apricots) do not do it get readily available to birds without remove the pits and seeds first. Otherwise, this fruits will be deadly come consume because of the existence of cardiac-toxic cyanide compound.

– Garlic and also Onions

These veggies might be valuable to people, however they’re extremely toxic to numerous different pets including dogs, cats, and birds.

Onions attribute Sulphur compounds the irritate a bird’s lining of the eosophagus, crop, and also mouth. These Sulphur compound can also lead to anaemia as they rupture red blood cells.

On the other hand, garlic functions allicin, i m sorry is another compound that causes anaemia as well as weakness in birds.

How come Feed her Pet Conure Bird?

As a preeminence of thumb, feed your Conure at the very least 3 tablespoonfuls that pelleted foodstuffs every day. This should acquire supplemented with smaller portions of vegetables, seeds, grains, nuts, and fruits. Take keep in mind that pets shop Conures largely eat seeds.

So you might need to construct your brand-new bird’s taste sprout by mix seeds through pellets and natural fruit juices (instead of heavy fruits) to obtain it accustomed come the new diet. The many ideal an approach is to have actually two dishes: one for pellet/ seeds foods and also another for supplementary foods.

This will certainly make it simpler for girlfriend to change stale food and also clean the food bowl easily. Other procedures you need to take when feeding your Conures include:

Offer sometimes Treats- Treats will aid keep her bird interested in the foods items it’s eating. But due to the fact that you’ll be currently giving the a daily range in fruits, vegetables, grains, and also pellets, certain to sell it treats occasionally. As in, when (or twice) a week. Friend can offer you Conure whole-grain pasta, unsalted popcorn, or well-cooked beans as treats.Provide fresh Drinking Water– her pet Conure should have access to new drinking water. As such, ensure to incorporate a separate dish especially for drink water. This food should constantly stay cost-free from debris or rotten food.Clean Water and Food dishes Regularly- To clean her bird’s key thoroughly, you’ll have to use hot, soapy water. Girlfriend can even disinfect them using a bleach systems for a deeper clean. Simply ensure that the bleach covers just 3% that the equipment with 97% being water. Bird are very sensitive to disinfectant fumes, therefore ensure the no disinfectant gets left ~ above the dishes and also your bird isn’t in the room as soon as you’re cleaning.

How Much and also How frequently Should you Feed her Conure?

As mentioned earlier, you have to offer your feathery girlfriend pelleted foods at least three time a day, and also seeds and also fruits in the mornings and also evenings only.

You ought to give your Conure whole foods first, then pellets because that day time snacking. It’s necessary to keep in mind that the lot of food to offer varies native bird come bird.

Because each Conure has a various level of metabolism and also activity. Every the same, bird love to munch on things throughout the day, for this reason it’s best if they always have food obtainable in your cages.

And simply so friend know, a Conure can’t overeat when on a nutritionally balanced diet. The will just overeat if you market it too numerous treats.

What carry out Conures Eat in the Wild?

The diet that a wild conure consists of largely fibrous eco-friendly foods. They include green plants, buds, leaves, shoots, springs, stems, and also blossoms. Wild conures also love eating seeds, nuts, berries, and also fruits.

Can Conures Drink madness Water?

Yes. Conures deserve to drink madness water. Together Floridian vet Dr Gregory Harrison, DVM put it, “If the water is safe for you, then it’s safe for your bird too“. An excellent thing, many urban areas have a treatment facility the filters the end excess minerals and also bacteria in madness water.

Can Conures Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs?

Yes, conures have the right to consume hard-boiled eggs. In fact, egg are great source the protein as well as other nutrients that assist to energize her birds and much better their bodily functions.

Can Conures Eat dairy Products?

Conures have the right to eat dairy products products, yet in moderate amounts. Friend see, many dairy products feature high level of fats, proteins and also lactose, i m sorry are aspects your Conure may uncover hard come handle.

Most birds room lactose intolerant and also so face obstacles metabolizing dairy product products. If you have to feed her Conure assets like cheese, milk, yogurt, or ice cream cream, execute so occasionally and offer tiny amounts in ~ a time.

In Summary

Your conure will only be as healthy as the diet. Therefore if you store feeding the junk, don’t expect it to be lively for long.

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You should, thus, certain that whatever you offering your feathery friend is okay for it. Don’t shy away from talk to a professional if you no sure around a details food.