Crayfish room freshwater crustaceans with comparable features to lobsters. Their little size and also unusual kind has them cultivation in popularity in the fish maintaining community.

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They have comparable needs to fish, so looking after castle requires similar skills. This makes them best for who looking to expand into different locations of fish keeping.One an excellent trait is your omnivorous diet. Friend will conveniently learn the as far as food goes, Yabbies room not fussy. They eat the same foods items as fish, and more. Native fish foodstuffs to vegetables, they will certainly greedily eat almost anything.As they grow from larvae come adulthood, the food lock eat will certainly change.
This post will walk you through the wide selection of foods accessible to Crayfish at all ages, both in the wild and in the aquarium.

Overview the Crayfish

Crayfish live in streams and also rivers, so their natural setting will covers mud, rocks, vegetation and also a fast-flowing current.The current is an especially important. If the water stays still climate it is much easier for pollutants to develop up in the water. If they room in polluted water for too long, it have the right to be fatal because that them. The present keeps the water moving, i beg your pardon flushes far pollutants and keeps the water clean.
They room omnivores so in the wild castle eat every little thing they can get their claws on.Their main diet is decomposing animal matter and decaying vegetation. These are the easiest food resources to gain hold of and they can easily be ripped personal by your claws.They additionally eat small live fish, if they swim by close enough. In the wild it’s daunting for lock to capture live fish due to the fact that there is generally somewhere because that the fish come escape to. The is much easier for castle to catch live fish in one aquarium (more top top this later).It’s difficult to think that another animal that eats so numerous different food sources; lock will rather literally eat anything, native rotting leaves and twigs, to animal flesh (both rotting and alive), they’ll also cannibalize their friends and plants.
As they are not an especially strong swimmers, the food lock eat usually have to sink come the bottom of the river before they have the right to eat it.They mostly use their claws and first two pairs of walking legs (which have little pincers on the end) to pick up food and also eat it.It is not simple to watch them search for food because they room nocturnal. Lock wait till nighttime prior to leaving their shelter and also scavenging food.

What to feeding Crayfish in the Aquarium


Before including them come an aquarium, the tank needs to it is in as similar as possible to their natural habitat. They space not specifically demanding creatures, but a strange environment can bring about a hunger win if they are too emphasize to eat.Studies have shown that they can experience anxiety comparable to humans, which is why it’s essential to produce the right environment for them.It is not difficult to replicate these conditions. The bottom that the tank should have actually plenty that rocks and also a thin layer the fine grain substrate (sand) for them to partially burrow into.The rocks need to have cracks and crevices between them for Crayfish to hide in. In rivers these spaces would certainly be supplied to hide indigenous predators, as well as giving them shelter when they’re not scavenging for food.
Recreating a river’s existing can it is in done with a filter. Placing the filter outlet in ~ the surface should reason a tiny current v the tank, or you have the right to use an air pump or water pump.As we talked around earlier, they frequently eat plants, therefore are likely going to cause damage to any plants that you save in the tank. Even though castle are likely to gain damaged, plants are a an excellent way to vary a their diet.Hardy, fast-growing plants room the most likely to survive; examples of these encompass hornwort and java moss. Vegetation (such as vegetables, plants and also algae) might be supplied as the main source of food. It have the right to be just as healthy and balanced as meat and also is cheaper to buy.Don’t cut out meat from the diet fully as the protein it has is important for growth. Once they with adulthood protein are necessary in smaller amounts as they space no much longer growing.There are countless food sources accessible for you to feed. Differing the diet will offer them many of nutrients and will likewise keep things exciting for them.
Pellet-type foodstuffs are ideal as they conveniently sink to the bottom of the tank and are normally high in protein. Shrimp pellets are one of the most renowned foods, but fish foods will be conveniently eaten too.Small live foods (shrimp and fish) space popular and make feeding times a tiny bit more interesting, since they will have to actively hunt your food.If girlfriend have any leftover vegetables indigenous your very own food, you have the right to drop them into the tank as well. This will provide them something different to eat and also stops your own food native going come waste.Leafy green vegetables are appropriate as this are much easier for them to break apart v their claws.You could even want to make your own fish food, come make certain they are gaining the finest mix of nutrients possible.
They assist to save your tank healthier and also cleaner v their feeding habits. They will certainly feed on bacter or algal blooms, like various other algae eaters, and keep the water clean.Here is a perform of points that you have the right to feed to your Crayfish:Algae WafersKrillAquarium PlantsLive Fish (Small)Blood WormsMeatDaphniaMosquito LarvaeDead fishShrimpFish FoodsShrimp PelletsFrozen FoodsSnailsFruitSquidInsectsVegetables

How regularly to feeding Crayfish

Crayfish use their claws and two pairs of prior walking foot to eatThey execute not need to be fed in big amounts, particularly when castle adults. In terms of pellets this can be a 0.75 customs pellet per fish every day once they’re young, and every other day because that an adult.Keep this quantity in mental if you select to feed them other varieties of food too.When you placed food in the tank, it may not be consumed straight away, however you should see it disappear indigenous the bottom that the tank as soon as they become more active in ~ night.
You perform not require to concern if they are not eating your food, they have to start eating again as soon as they gain hungry. If they space not eat at all try switching the form of food that you are offering them and check your water parameters.If friend don’t feeding them enough, they might start come fight and also become cannibalistic. This can additionally happen if the tank is overstocked.It is typical for them come sit in their hiding spots transparent the day, making it an overwhelming to view them. If you want to view them much more during the work time, shot putting food approximately the tank to watch them scavenge.Some people select to feed your Crayfish utilizing a pair that tongs, which helps them to acquire used to people and also their fabricated environment.Try to store their feeding regime regular. They will discover their feeding times and may undertaking out from their hiding spots when they think your food is coming.

What to feed Fry and also Juvenile Crayfish

The life bicycle of a Crayfish starts v an oocyte (egg).Once they’ve hatched from eggs, larvae will quickly grow come resemble a little Crayfish. This bring away 15 days, by which point they are only 0.5 inch in length.This tiny size restricts their diet since they can not fit the same foodstuffs into your mouths that adult can. In ~ this age in the wild, the larvae would remain under your mother’s tail and feed on small pieces of floating food.To recreate this in her aquarium you simply need to break down the food you give them to a perfect size. Examine that the food is disappearing from the tank, and if you can, watch them eat to make certain it is absolutely them law the eating.You deserve to feed castle crushed baby shrimp food which is accessible online and also in part fish stores. This usually comes in a powder form which you can sprinkle right into the tank.
One that the biggest difficulties for larvae is detect food, so offering lots that food is key to to reduce mortality.After the larval stages, young Crayfish look similar to miniature adults. You have the right to feed juveniles the same foodstuffs as adults. Just make certain you feed them every day until adulthood because they need more energy for growth.If you do have babies in the tank, the really essential to make certain they are all being fed fine enough, including the mother, because they will certainly eat one an additional if they space hungry.


It have to be clean to see that when keeping Crayfish, your diet will be the the very least of your worries; they are scavengers and also eat pretty much anything!Their omnivorous nature provides them easy to cater for. They will certainly happily eat live foods, frozen foods, fish foods and vegetables.

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This large diet helps to keep them healthy and if you differ their diet enough, they’ll be listed with all the nutrients they need.If you treatment for them properly, these creatures space very lucrative to watch and are a good alternative to freshwater fish.Feeding castle is an easy and have to not was standing in your means when deciding whether to keep some.Do girlfriend feed her Crayfish something else? let us recognize in the comments section below…