If ns equip the porkchop and right click the wolf, ns eat it. If i left click, i beat him v it. If ns drop the on the ground, that doesn"t care.

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How to be I an alleged to feeding him?

edit: i did shot both on SMP and also on single player. Looks prefer I thought it wasn"t working due to the fact that apparently i arbitrarily decided that the life ones healed the wolves more than the cooking ones, while they healed them so couple of that they didn"t raise the tail.

I"ll shot again in SMP too as quickly as I have the occasion, and also let you recognize if it functions there too.


I also have this problem and could only come increase by accident through this partial solution. I hope it"s no the actual way of act it.

The problem is you should have an ext than one porkchop in her inventory slot; then, when you right click on the dog, two porkchops will certainly be consumed: the very first by you, the 2nd by the dog. You"ll have the ability to see this is functioning because:

You consume 2 porkchops per appropriate click.The dog"s tail raises.The dog does not toggle in between sitting and standing stance (like it usually would do as soon as "just" ideal clicking).


Right click on dog come order him come sit.Select porkchops.Right click dog till he was standing up.

Now you have traded (a lot of of) bacon because that a fully healthy dog.


It"s simpler for one more player come feed her dogs in SMP, yet you can still feeding them yourself. It helps if friend tell them to sit first.

You will still need to feed you yourself - yet now because food takes longer to eat friend will understand if you"re feeing you yourself vs the dog. The "double-consume bug" is gone as result of the much longer ingestion time.

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You need to see your tail go up, and if you have actually particles turned on, lock will get in "love mode". It"s tough to view the tail increase while they room sitting; the first few times girlfriend may end up right-clicking a lot come make sure you"re doing the right.


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on Minecraft, is it feasible to each other my wolf v my friend's wolf? they're both currently tamed

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