Many human being never think around the long string the numbers the is ~ above a Wisconsin chauffeurs license. However, you’ll need to know the number if you space buying a new car, looking right into a new insurance policy, at the DMV, or any type of other kind you may have to fill the end that asks because that the number. Over there is a lot of of information in her driver’s patent number and also we want to explain it come you today.

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If you have a Wisconsin drivers license, the layout will be as follows.


In the very first section, SSSS. These 4 digits stand for a soundex code of her last name. The very first letter in your chauffeurs license number will stand for the an initial letter of your last name. The three numbers complying with that letter are used as a hashing mechanism to roughly sound prefer your critical name.

In the second section, FFF. these numbers will represent your an initial and middle name. Your an initial and middle name fall into a password which have the right to be discovered by looking on the chart below.

Name Chart

If you do not watch your surname on the chart above. Discover the an initial letter of your an initial name top top the graph below. Then look at the middle name chart and also find the first letter the your middle initial. Add both of the code numbers together and this will total the middle 2nd section number ~ above your motorists license.


First Letter of center Name


First Letter of very first Name

The third section, Y-Y represents the year you were born. Because that example, if you to be born in 1983, your number in the Y-Y section will be 83.

The fourth section, DDD. This part represents the month and also day you to be born. It additionally represents her gender.

To figure out this number you take:

(Birth Month – 1) x40 + bear Day + (male:0, female: 500)

The 5th section, NN.

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This ar is supplied in situation of one overflow. There might be civilization with the same code for their name and birthday, this ar gives people in this case a few extra number at the finish of their drivers license. This means nobody has the same chauffeurs license number.

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