If you room an iphone or Android phone call user then you must have actually surely i found it the blue dots. These small blue dots regularly tend to appear on device apps as well as user-installed apps. Perhaps, if you’re new to either of this mobile OS and wondering why there is a blue period on her phone then you don’t need to worry.

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Why apps show a blue dot?

The blue dot is in reality a UI feature included by developers to look for the user’s attention. It helps in notifying users about a new update, brand-new notification, one unread message or email, or a pending request. You need to not confuse it through a green dot that shows the energetic status that a friend in a chat app.

That said, the blue dot isn’t restricted to a few services or apps that have been update recently. Most frequently smartphone users will discover a blue period on facebook Stories, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Samsung contacts, and Android messages. Friend may additionally see it next to your contacts, emails, and also newly included stickers or emojis.

In this article, girlfriend will discover what a blue dot method on various services and social media apps.

A blue period on a on facebook story

When the town hall the perform of viewers ~ above your on facebook stories, girlfriend must have noticed a blue dot beside the viewers’ names.

A blue dot beside viewers ~ above a on facebook story

The blue dot alongside Facebook story viewer to represent a new view(s) because you last confirm the views because that that details story. It is an interesting method to inform users that all people recently witnessed their story.

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In Messenger and also Message Requests

The blue period in Messenger means that you have actually an unread chat message(s) from a friend or contact. The notification goes way as you open the conversation and see the message.


What does a blue dot median on messenger

In addition, girlfriend will view a blue dot alongside message request in Messenger that you haven’t opened up yet.

On iphone Messages

A blue period in the Messages application on iPhone method that you have unread message messages. The dot shows up next to every the messages the you haven’t read yet and goes away when you watch them.

A blue period in message on iPhone

Next to sent email on iPhone

It is rather strange to view blue dots beside some the the sent emails in the Mail app on the iPhone. Well, they appear for a reason.

While a blue dot in the “Inbox” suggests all the unread emails. ~ above the various other hand, iOS represents every the sent out or forwarded emails the you mark as unread v a blue dot. The dot will disappear itself when you check out the sent out email.



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Next come apps ~ above iPhone and also Android


A blue dot shows up next to app icons top top the home display for apps that space updated lately however not opened yet. As soon as you open the updated app, the blue dot won’t appear until the next update. Moreover, a blue period may display up alongside newly installed apps top top Android.

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On Instagram

Blue dots top top Instagram direct messages

Similar to facebook Messenger, a blue period on Instagram method that you have actually unread DMs in the direct Messages. The blue dot will vanish together you open and also read the details DM.

On Snapchat Filters

A blue period on Snapchat filters

You must have often seen a blue dot following to assorted filters ~ above Snapchat. The dot shows that Snapchat has actually updated or added brand-new filters that you must try out. As soon as you shot the brand-new filter, the tiny blue period goes off on that is own. In addition, you will see a blue dot over the “Chat” icon when there is an unread conversation message.

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On WhatsApp for iPhone


A blue dot over the “Status” tab in WhatsApp means there is a standing update friend haven’t perceived yet. The is worth discussing that WhatsApp doesn’t display blue period for muted status updates.