Under the "C", there are stars. Part players have actually white stars, when others have actually gold ones. Others have actually a mix.

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What is the meaning of the stars?


From: NFL 6th (consecutive) year captain patch

the variety of gold stars fill in to represent the variety of consecutive years a player has actually been captain because that his team.

If each star is gold and also the "C" is gold, then the player has actually been a captain because that his team because that 5 or much more years(1).

The white stars represent an north placeholder for the yellow stars. For example, if a player has two yellow stars and two white stars, the represents that player has been a captain for that team for 2 years. Check out the table below:

White | gold | Meaning-----------------------0 | 4 + C | fifth year or an ext as captain for his team0 | 4 | 4th year as captain for his team1 | 3 | third ...2 | 2 | 2nd ...3 | 1 | first ...4 | 0 | to represent 0 years of being a captain because that his team** - i don"t think this exists to wear.


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