Ask any type of Spanish speakerand they’ll call you: Dominicans have actually their own way of doing things.

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Their language is a cool combination of indigenous and also European languages favor no other.

As well together being complete of Dominicanismos, your language is packed complete of vibrant slang and also wildly imaginativevocabulary.

Want to understand that uniquelyDominican brand the casual charm?Slang speak in the Dominican Republic isn’t simply fun—it’s crucial for survive in this island nation.

If you want to speak to nativesand have your article received, girlfriend absolutely must know Dominican slang.

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Why and How to discover Dominican Slang

Slang is supplied in regular Dominican conversations a lot an ext frequently 보다 it is in many other Spanish dialects. Castle have plenty of friendly paragraph like¿dime a ver? (what’s up?) that are essential for chatting with locals. They usage anglicisms in fresh and hilarious ways and have the most beautiful, untranslatable vocabulary.

Using standard Spanish v Dominicans is prefer asking Picasso to repaint in black and also white!

Dominican slang has actually quite an informal register, so it’s not uncommon to usage slang with civilization you’ve only simply met and also it’s certainly not thought about uneducated. Dominican speech is very fast, for this reason you can want to make certain you have the ideal word through rephrasing the sentence as a question and confirming, ensuring the you don’t usage slang wrongly in the dorn context.

Once you’ve master the lingo, Dominicans will be delighted to converse v you and also to help you navigate the nuances that Dominican slang. If girlfriend can acquire the hang of their fast speech, passionate disposition and interesting articulation, you’ll certainly learn a lot of about an innovative expression.

To hear this lingo in action, us recommend a avoid by Gritty Spanish (assuming you’re every grown up and also okay through some mature language). They frequently incorporate Dominican slang and also accents into their dialogues, therefore it can be a fun—and slightly offensive yet humorous—way come hear your Dominican Spanish in action, provided by indigenous speakers in real ways.

You can also check out the authentic videos ~ above and also search for Dominican Spanish because that a step-by-step guide to the language. Friend can likewise use to brush increase on your general Spanish an abilities before you head out—after all, what usage is knowing slang if girlfriend can’t use it in a sentence? bring away real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and transforms them into personalized language discovering lessons.

It’s a completely self-guided technique to research the things thatyouwant come know, anywhere and at any kind of level.

You have the right to use in your web browser or download the app and take it through you on her trip. It’s a great travel buddy and we promise it doesn’t hog the sheets.

The Most advantageous Dominican Slang Word: Vaina

Whether you want to use this indigenous or not, you’re certainly going to hear that if you’re speaking to Dominicans. Like a lot of slang words, it doesn’t translate specifically well and mastering the is quite a fine art. Vaina deserve to mean:

Something unknown or unmentionable (this might be neutral or negative)

Dar una vaina (To experience an ailment; come come down v something)Me va a dar una vaina.(I’m going to come down with something.)Dame esa vaina. (Give me the thing.)¡Me gusta esta vaina! (I favor this thing/stuff!)

An exclamation

¡De vaina! (By chance! Unexpectedly!)This may likewise be supplied in a regular sentence there is no an exclamatory tone.De vaina la conocí.(I met she by chance.)¡Qué vaina! (Damn!; What a bunch of crap!)

A point or situation that’s unpleasant

Deja esa vaina. (Stoppestering. / leave thatalone.)Echarle la vaina (To pressure someone to carry out something unpleasant)Él no tenía que echarle la vaina.(He didn’t need to make her perform that.)

To look down on someone

Echar vainas (To pretend come be much better than who else; come brag)No vengas a echar vainas con eso.(Don’t come bragging about that.)Privar en vaina (To see yourself as far better than who else; to be arrogant/presumptuous)Él sí priva en vaina.(He yes, really does think he’s the best.)


Tratar de vaina (To act someone v indifference)

Basically, vaina is one of two people a neutral or negative term, never positive. Educated world are less likely to usage vaina in a neutral way, but will virtually certainly use it in a derogatory way at part point. You’re probably much better off making use of it only when you average offense or insult at the beginning, so as no to offend someone when youonlymean indifference.

Dominicans aren’t large on spelling, for this reason you may see it written out asbaina.

37 Dominican Slang Words directly from the highways of Santo Domingo


This way to acclimatize and also get used to your surroundings. Shouldn’t take lengthy in the beautiful Dominican Republic.

2.Alebrescado / Alebrestado

If you’re alebrescado, it means that you’re very excited and also anticipating something. You can tell locals how alebrescado you space to it is in in the Dominican Republic. Be careful usingalebrestadoin various other countries, together this canhave part different definitions when you reach the mainland the Latin America, depending upon the country.

3. Bacano

Can be offered as a description of a point that’scool, similar to Colombians use it, but if someone is a bacano, it means that they’regood at something yes, really difficult. You have the right to only hope every the locals room shouting this in ~ you when you shot something difficult for the first time.


This is a semi-derogative word for a child, so don’t go utilizing it for her neighbor’s kids. Children that space badly behaved and generally annoying absolutely deserve the term carajitos, therefore you have the right to reserve it because that those who are running about the tables while you’re trying come eat out!

5. Chercha

A an excellent example of an anglicism the has changed in sound and also meaning, this one comes from “cheers,” or possibly also “church,” however refers toa great time or a party. If you’re lucky you might get to spend the evening at a Dominican chercha!

6. Chillaxing

One of my favorite things to listen Dominicans say, it’s one anglicism for relaxing in a really chilled and lazy way. Maybe by the pool, with a drink in hand.


Do girlfriend want shot something while experimenting this place, however maybe just a tiny bit? then usechin, as inDame un chin de jugo(Give me a tiny bit of juice).

8. Colmado

A tiny corner store, the type in her neighborhood, especially where you’ll run as soon as you’re the end of milk or yearn a soft drink.

9. Concho

A taxi, something you’ll likely want to take it at some allude exploring the country.


A Dominican word because that something useless or nonsense, other you will certainly throw away or as soon as someone speak without really knowing too lot what they’re talk about.

11. Esquimalito

If the weather is really hot, you’ll absolutely want among these! Usually analyzed as “Popsicle,” return it deserve to sometimes it is in a frozen drink. It’s additionally pretty fun to to speak and almost onomatopoeic the squeezing a Popsicle native the wrapper!

12. Hevi nais

A type of anglicism native “very nice,” this offer as any type of kind the affirmation or approval. If you’re modeling brand-new clothes and also are greeted by this phrase, you understand you’ve master the Dominican cool.

13. Hartura

This refers tothat feeling of having eaten too much and also is a really useful slang word as soon as eating out. Think of it as a Dominican slang indigenous forllenura.

14. Yala

A really casual word, translates to “okay” or “alright” and one the you’ll absolutely hear among friends.

15. Pana

Your pana is her buddy, her pal, your bro—take her pick! A hatchet of endearment and also closeness but likewise a cool word come use, you’ll be making use of it v all your brand-new friends in the Dominican Republic! This native is additionally used in Venezuela also to typical the very same thing.

16. Lengua larga

This is basically someone who’s really chatty, literally who who has actually a lengthy tongue, an interpretation it’s never in your mouth due to the fact that they’re constantly talking.

17. Dame dato….

Means “tell me about…,” and once said, you’re then intended to launch into a descriptive and entertaining story. That literally way “give me part information.”

18. ¿Dime a ver?

As listed earlier, this one way “what’s up?”. Dominicans normally linger on the critical syllable, especially if lock really desire an answer, as they typically do. Dominicans are polite and it isn’t simply a greeting together in English. Literally it means: “tell me so that I have the right to see.”

19. Dar brocha

This means “to brag and also exaggerate” and also literally way “to brush,” i.e. Come embellishsomething.


This is the contraction of “para adelante,” meaning “forward” or “ahead.” It can mean come head end to somewhere else or to move on to new people or partners.


Respectively, these words are supplied to affectionately refer to your mom and dad.

22.¿Qué lo wha?

Means “What’s walk on?”, and also it will often be provided in a casual means as a greetingora question. Wha is an anglicism native “what.”


Your sweet small jeva/jevo is your girlfriend/boyfriend. It’s one affectionate term. Jévon is often used to describe a pretty girl, i m sorry is fairly close to jevo, so don’t wrong the two!


This indigenous is supplied to describe a trash can or garbage bin. Here you can see more influence indigenous English as it sounds a tiny bit favor “safe can.”

25. Chulo

To it is in chulo(a)is come becute or cool. It have the right to be provided to describe a human or a point such together acamisa chula. This indigenous is additionally useful in other nations in the Caribbean, and especially in Spain!

26. Manso

To it is in manso is to be calm, certainly something you desire to be once in the Caribbean.

27. Sanky-panky

Hilariously, this method a gold-digger and also comes native the expression “hanky-panky.” Make certain you remember this one due to the fact that if someone speak you the someone rather is a sanky-pankyyou’ll desire to know what that means to avoid any kind of mishaps!

28. Tiguere

This have the right to be offered to express toa kind of hustler through street smarts. They’ll carry out anything to get what lock want, for this reason you’d better watch out!

29.Toy adelante

This means “I’m stylish” or “I’m trendy” and also is definitely something you want to mental for once you’re out shopping. Literally means “I’m ahead.”


This one’s one anglicism indigenous “polo shirt” and way the same as words it come from!


This word defines fruit that’s walk bad, and nobody wants to buy that.

32. Nítido

One the the most typically used words amongst Dominican youth, it means great/cool and comes indigenous “neat.” If miscellaneous is nítido, you want to to buy it.

33. Tichér

This word originates from “t-shirt” yet doesn’t typical that. It’s in reality a rugby/football jersey. If friend want among those, ask because that a tichér.

34.Con fléi

This originates from “corn flakes” yet refers to any type of cereal. You’ll listen this in main America, too.


A llaga is a useless vehicle, a relic or a collectible possibly.


A very useful word to learn, guagua is a bus. You’ll additionally hear this word supplied in Cuba.

37. Jeepeta

A trademark obtained word for an SUV.

Now the you recognize all the Dominican slang you need, it’s time to book a trip!

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