If girlfriend are in search of purr-fect puns and funny lion one-liners then you have definitely come come the right place!

Containing our biggest and best collection, this post has a totality host of rawr-some jokes about the king of the tropical that will certainly soon have readers roaring through laughter. From hilarious one-liners around lions beaming v pride to jokes about famous felines including "The Lion King", these puns room perfect for parents, teachers, and children of all ages.

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King that The jungle Puns

Featuring some of the best lion sayings and also puns, this selection is about the King that the jungle and also his leonine ways.

1. How can we be sure that the is the King the the jungle once he’s always lion?!

2. What music perform lions like? nation lion dancing.

3. What execute lions and also computers have actually in common? lock both have actually mega bites.

4. What carry out lions do on a canoe? usage their roar!

5. Why didn’t the lion eat the detective? He was undercover.

6. Why nothing lions like fast food? due to the fact that they can’t catch it!

7. Just how did the lion stop the movie? that pressed paws.

8. What would’ve to be a far better name instead of King that the jungle? Emperoar.

9. What execute lions say before dinner? Let united state prey!

10. Just how do you stop an angry lion native charging? Take away his credit transaction cards.

11. What is the lion’s favourite cheese? Roarquefort.

12. What perform you contact a infant lion top top lettuce? A cub sandwich.

13. What carry out you call the King that the Jungle"s reflection? A copycat.

14. What carry out you contact a lion with a sophisticated hat? A dandy lion.

Famous Felines

This funny lions list contains jokes about famous people and also some that our favourite Lion King puns. This jokes will certainly ensure the you have no problems for the remainder of your days. Us all love a good problem-free philosophy, and it is merely a case of remembering Hakuna Matata (potentially the most renowned line in "The Lion King")!

15. What perform the lion, the witch, and also the wardrobe have actually in common? Narnia Business.

16. Who is the lion’s favorite football player? Lionel Messi.

17. Because that me, the urge to sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is constantly just a whim away... A whim away, a whim away, a whim away, a whim away...

18. What execute you contact a lion v a kitten’s roar? Kitty Perry.

19. What did the King that Pride rock say? Simba, you space falling behind. I should ask you come Mufasa.

20. Why go Pumba’s pal speak to customer service? T’moan.

21. What execute we contact Simba’s dad once he forgets come shave? Moustacha!

22. What carry out you acquire when you cross Simba v the small Mermaid? A sea lion.


Show Lions and Circus Cats

This section features puns about lions the love to be the center of attention, including selection of circus-related puns!

23. What do you contact a an excellent lion impression? A roaring success!

24. Why go the circus lion eat the chop rope walker? He wanted a well-balanced meal.

25. What does the lion contact the barber? His mane man.

26. Just how was the lion after eating the clown? the felt funny.

27. Why go the lion trainer accessorize his lions? so they might take pride in your appearance.

28. Why are they terrible storytellers? castle only have one tail.

29. What did the lion say come the zookeeper that shaved its human body bald yet not the head? Aww mane, no fur!

30. What perform you speak to a display full of lions? The mane event.

Big Cats and Other Animals

Looking for another lion pun about your favorite animal? one of these funny jokes will certainly hopefully have you laughing in no time at all.

31. Why walk the lion cross the road? To avoid the zebra crossing.

32. What perform you speak to the pride"s police officers? nipper enforcement.

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33. What"s the difference in between a tiger and also a lion? A tiger is lacking the mane part.