In thing 7 the The an excellent Gatsby, what to be Tom and also Daisy saying to each other in the kitchen? execute you think Tom knew Daisy was driving the "death car"?
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The details incident occurs soon after Daisy had actually knocked Myrtle down and killed she while driving Gatsby "s car. Rather of stopping, she sped away and Jay had to traction up the emergency brake to avoid the car and also she then dropped into his lap. Gatsby climate drove she home....

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The specific incident occurs shortly after Daisy had knocked Myrtle down and also killed she while control Gatsby"s car. Instead of stopping, she sped away and Jay had actually to pull up the emergency brake to avoid the car and also she then fell into his lap. Gatsby climate drove her home. After ~ Nick arrives at the Buchanan home with Tom and Jordan, he later on sees Jay stepping out of the bushes, will on spending the night outside the house to see that nothing wake up to Daisy.

Nick suspects that Tom can have preconceived principles if the finds the end that Daisy had actually driven the car, death Myrtle. He because of this steps around and also spies on them with a pantry window.

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Tom and Daisy room in deep conversation. Nick comments that:

... Everyone would have actually said that they to be conspiring together.

At this point, we can assume the Tom knows what happened and that he and also Daisy room planning a method out that the mess. They clearly do no wish to it is in implicated. This truth is confirmed later in thing eight when, after ~ Jay"s murder by Mr. Wilson, Nick calls to speak come Daisy but is educated that she and Tom have packed your bags and also left for part unknown destination, without leaving any type of contact details or pointing out when they would certainly be back. They literally fled. Obviously, with both Jay and also Mr. Wilson deceased, there would be no substantial evidence come implicate Daisy. She and her husband conveniently disappeared.