"Is over there no balm in Gilead? Is there no medical professional there? Why then has actually not the health of the daughter of my human being been restored?" (Jeremiah 8:22)

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would certainly you like to obtain the balm that heals united state unlike any kind of other? Jesus Christ is the just balm that have the right to heal ours sin sickness. Only Jesus deserve to make united state whole. "There is a enjoyment in Gilead to do the wounded whole. Over there is a enjoyment in Gilead to cure the sin-sick soul" (African-American spiritual).
Biblical Background. Gilead was a mountainous component of ancient Palestine, east of the Jordan flow now equivalent to northwest Jordan (Ref. 1, Ref. 2). Gilead was well-known for the healing enjoyment (Jeremiah 46:11). We very first see balm (mastic) discussed in scripture as precious merchandise comes from Gilead(Genesis 37:25). Joseph"s father, Israel (Jacob), sent out balm together a current to Joseph together lord that the soil of Egypt (Genesis 43:11).
Mastic Tree (Ref. 3)
The prophet Jeremiah asked this questions, "Is over there no balm in Gilead? Is over there no medical professional there? (Jeremiah 8:22). Judah had actually turned away from the Lord and also had totally ignored repetitive warnings of judgment (for example, Jeremiah 5:20-31). Spirituality balm, God"s salvation and healing, to be available; however, the civilization were not seeking God. Spiritual balm with the priests and prophets was ineffective because "the prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests dominion on their own authority" (Jeremiah 5:31).
About the Spiritual, "There is a balm in Gilead." "There is a balm in Gilead" and also other African-American spirituals came out that the duration of enslavement in America (1619-1865; Ref. 4). This spirituality is evidence that African-American christians knew and trusted Jesus because that salvation and healing in spite of their condition on earth. African-American believer answered Jeremiah"s question with a resounding "Yes, there is a enjoyment in Gilead" (Ref. 5). The message of "There is a balm in Gilead" still applies today. Despite whatever condition we space in, or everything misery or challenge we space going through, Jesus deserve to heal ours wounds and also make united state whole.
Apply. In what area of her life execute you require the healing enjoyment of Jesus Christ today?
Listen. ns encourage you to listen and also enjoy these two beautiful and also moving presentations of "There is a enjoyment in Gilead." "There is a balm in Gilead" - Adventist Vocal Ensemble (well well-known on BBC). "There is a enjoyment in Gilead" - eastern Carolina university Chamber Singers.
References1. Http://biblehub.com/commentaries/jeremiah/8-22.htm2. Https://www.britannica.com/place/Gilead-ancient-region-Palestine#ref1308653. Https://www.britannica.com/plant/mastic-tree4. Https://www.infoplease.com/timelines/history-slavery-america5. Https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/resources/black-history-month-there-is-a-balm-in-gilead
To view a hymn music video about inner healing, click "Good News the the Kingdom" by Whitney V. Myers.For articles around Scripture Allusions (Bible References) in various other hymns, describe "Scripture Allusions in Hymns" through Whitney V. Myers.

Yes, over there is a enjoyment in Gilead but......"He come unto His own, and His own received the not."John 1:11.............may we seek Him while He may be found.Thank friend Whitney for the motivating message, combined with scripture and also song....


Thank girlfriend What a wonderful reminder.May God it is in praised!

Dolores Jones

Thank you, ms Myers, because that the the great newsof Jesus Christ. My love is really heavy, fromthe lost of mine mother, and also brother. My childrenand cool children, act as if there is no God.I truly give thanks to God for you multiple sclerosis Myers, for letting united state know, the there is a balm In Gilead. God Bless Please keep me in your prayers, D Jones

Whitney V. Myerslink

Thank you, Dolores, for her comment. I am glad that you recognize Jesus Christ that is the One that heals us and also comforts us. I will pray for you, her children, and also grandchildren per your request.

Richard Kingman

Jesus is our balm of Gilead by taking our sins upon Himself and also therefore making united state righteous and holy! he took additionally the punishment for our sins which to be grief and sorrow in the kind of sickness and also disease, depression etc. Truly by His stripes we space healed ! by His atonement ours sins space forgiven and all our conditions are healed. The is the balm of Gilead undoubtedly ! Isaiah 53. Matthew 8:17. Psalms 103:1-5


Calvary Greetings,During this trying time that pandemic , the human being hit by demon dubbed Covid-19 just Jesus is ours healer,Indeed there is a enjoyment in Gilead.Thank friend for the word you shared.Above every with thank God because that His word the is sharper than 2-edge sword


I have been taught and am therefore happy ns heard the song of the enjoyment in Gilead but additionally listened to the message pertaining to the passage in Jeremiah 8:22. Say thanks to you so much.

Nancy Weir

This song may have likewise had another meaning. Maybe the servants were additionally saying that a an excellent balm would certainly be the end of slavery.


Thank you because that this page and for the explanation top top the balm of Gilead. Simply bumped into your site and also I think I prefer it


IAM therefore Glad and Very an excellent Ful the Our True One and Only balm Still Exists, No issue Our situation Or situation Our Chief physician Is always President.Amen.

D. S. Bauerlink

Looking for day-to-day word.

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