The sight of a bird soaring high in the skies has always fascinated humankind. The epitomizes the liberty of mind and also spirit that all of us crave and cherish therefore fondly.


While eagles and also owls have frequently represented this sense of ‘flight without boundaries’ and ‘transcendent wisdom’, various other birds prefer swallows are also associated with the sense of unfettered exploration and adventure. And also this is why swallow tattoos are farming in popularity amongst youngsters all over the world.

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Ancient Greek and Roman mythology told us that the swallow to represent a departed person’s soul, and spoke of gods who could transform themselves to take it the kind of a swallow. This particular day many civilization consider the swallow their ‘spirit animal’ that represents fidelity, grace, happiness and peace in your lives.


This helps explain why gulp down tattoos have actually grown into a popular fad. Not only do world find their attractive draft appealing, castle are additionally drawn by the depths symbolism in having swallows tattooed on your bodies.


What go a sloop down Tattoo was standing for?

Certain species of swallow can travel long distances while migrating every year. This has actually led sloop down tattoos to be connected with travel and homecoming, making the a frequent selection for travelers and also adventurers.


A traditional tattoo of 2 swallows symbolizes a long journey. Historically, brothers sailors used swallow tattoos come boast of their extensive travel experience.

A legend insurance claims that the tattoo that a single swallow suggests that the wearer has sailed five thousand nautical miles, and that two swallows represent 10,000 mile at sea – no average feat in the 17th or 18th centuries when sea take trip was risky and also fraught through danger.

Fortunately, these days friend won’t it is in ordered come justify exactly how you earned your swallow tattoo. But even shorn of that honor, it means some important qualities and characters that median a lot come the wearer.

Some sailors thought about a gulp down tattoo to be a happy charm, lending expect of a safe, happy homecoming after prolonged voyage across the ocean. Some had a swallow etched as soon as they crossed the equator ~ above a ship – and also then got another one done when they returned!

Another myth suggests a connection in between swallow tattoos and also a mutiny on plank a ship named ‘The Swallow’. The 7 mutineers who initiated the revolt had actually a gulp down tattooed on their chests therefore they could recognize each other.

Swallows are additionally closely linked with Spring, the season the fresh hope, awakening and renewal. In Egyptian poetry, that is often a swallow that brings the very first signs of new love. For this reason a gulp down tattoo represents the rebirth of hope and also love.

Two lovers can display swallow tattoos on your bodies together an expression of their deep rooted affection for each other.

And, that course, the sloop down symbolizes freedom. A tattoo of a swallow can suggest risk-taking, bold and change-oriented behavior, standing because that the hope and dream of a better, brighter future.

Swallow tattoos can additionally be icons of patriotism, offering a means to cherish and respect one’s country, an ar or also family. The interesting mix of liberty with love that’s shown by a sloop down tattoo is encapsulated in the pithy quote, “When girlfriend love a person really much, set them free.”

The swallow is a price of purity and also holiness. See the first swallow in spring was for long considered a good omen, foreshadowing the arrival of an excellent financial success. In a wider sense, you have the right to expect that nothing negative or harmful would ever come native a swallow.

Other symbolic meanings attached to these tattoos encompass surviving hardship or gaining a victory ~ a tough battle.

All this information should provide you something approximately which to weave your very own narrative about your human body inking, and to aid interpret your tattoo in a uniquely individual way.

The Most popular Swallow Tattoo

Sailor Jerry, a fond nickname because that tattoo artist Norman Collins, is well-known as being the creator of an iconic American swallow tattoo. Jerry, who clients were regularly sailors, provided simple, elegant lines come etch colorful swallows in expressive poses.

His tattoos were beautiful sketches that Barn Swallows in wealthy red, blue and also white plumage, with an sometimes touch of brown or green. It aided that the major color selections were additionally in the same colors of nationwide flags that the USA, unified Kingdom and also France, do his designs specifically appealing to citizens native those nations.

You say ‘Swallow’, ns say ‘Sparrow’

There’s frequently a many confusion between swallow tattoos and also sparrow tattoos. This is so typical that the an interpretation and symbolism that both sparrow and swallow tattoos have come to be inextricably blended up, even diluted come a far-reaching degree.

This is difficult to understand due to the fact that even despite the two birds watch similar, and also even have actually a couple of behavioral features in common, they space otherwise completely different, much more so in their symbolic interpretations as totem figures and as motivation for tattoos.

Sparrow tattoos, because that instance, space often considered to stand for determination and also assertiveness that go hand in hand through a strong character.

Swallow tattoos, ~ above the other hand, are gentler and subtly confident in a unique way, together they primarily show a sense of freedom and also growth.

Where to acquire your gulp down Tattoo?

Getting under to useful matters, if you’re looking to acquire a trendy sloop down tattoo, where perform you have actually it done? and what else carry out you have included in her design together with it?

A little swallow nesting on your left shoulder can denote travel and adventure, loyalty and also patriotism. Because these images have the right to be scaled under to really tiny sizes, you could get one or much more swallows inked onto your wrist top top the inside, too. Many world like having a i m crying of birds in flight as component of their tattoo design.

But the same photo on the hand or neck could additionally mean something much more sinister – like having spent time in jail, having actually “done her bird” (‘bird’ originates from Cockney slang for “bird lime” which means “doing time”).

In the unified Kingdom, a gulp down tattoo ~ above the hand also method “these fists fly” – and also is worn by males who were recognized as great fighters, or to be just tough men.

The most typical locations for a gulp down tattoo, however, are the chest, hip, shoulders or lower back. A swallow have the right to be all by itself, or combined with elements like one arrow, cherry, banner, stars, or part text. Part swallow tattoos space in black color only, if others space in bright, beautiful colors.

Which Swallow should your Tattoo Model?

Most often, these tattoos are modeled on the Barn sloop down or european Swallow, a colorful small bird through an orange head/face, white belly and blue colored back. These colors might either it is in faithfully reproduced in a tattoo, or swapped because that brighter shades.

If girlfriend aren’t clear around the type of photo you desire for her tattoo, be certain to explore the substantial swallow snapshot galleries online. You’re sure to get some an innovative ideas by seeing what others have done v their human body art.

Then check out a little much more about the symbolism the the images or designs you uncover most appealing. Choose the one that speaks to her heart, and also have the inked through a expert artist. It will certainly be a meaningful, personal and lasting reminder the you’ll cherish for a long, lengthy time come come.


Bird design have constantly been popular options for human body inking. It’s hard to imagine them ever before going out of style. And swallow tattoos will proceed to be appealing and also interesting because they have an interpretation and purpose and also historic context attached come them.

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While cultural significance will vary through context and also region, one thing remains constant. A gulp down tattoo stand for great things in her life – and in your future.