The warning triangle shows that the medicine causes drowsiness, and also that it can influence your capability to drive and also use makers while top top the medication.

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The Danish Medicines firm assesses if a details medicine is to it is in labelled v a red warning triangle.

Only those drugs that significantly impair the capability to drive space labelled through a red warning triangle. And it is only indicative.

You deserve to see which drugs are labelled v a red warning triangle top top the Danish medicines Agency’s list of medicine affecting the capacity to drive.

It is an extremely important to be aware that some medications without a red warning triangle could still impact your capacity to drive.

The warning triangle is used in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland and is because of this not an international symbol.

If you buy medication abroad, the warning brand is likely to it is in different.

Drugs affecting the capacity to journey – three degrees

Our evaluate of whether or no to placed a red warning triangle on the pack of a medicine is based upon the medicine"s effect and side effects, consisting of if that is a medication you carry out yourself or if a doctor gives it to you – for instance for anaesthesia throughout surgical procedures.

Our assessment decides i beg your pardon of the adhering to three degrees of disability to entrust to a medicine.

No special needs to soft impairment

Small impairment to center impairment

Significant impairment

Examples of drugs with a red warning triangle


Certain mild ache relievers


Medicines because that anxiety


Cough remedies

Motion sickness medications

Anti-nausea medicines

Allergy and also hay fever medicines

Migraine tablets

Certain weight-loss products

ADHD drugs

Any medicine containing much more than 10 % alcohol

Sleeping tablet computers (don’t drive until the drug is the end of your system)

Beware that no all drugs affecting the ability to drive have a red warning triangle

Some drugs without a red warning triangle might still influence your ability to drive and also use machines.

You should therefore constantly read the package leafletsupplied with the medicine. It speak you around any precautions that you must take. Think double if the medication you take impairs your ability in any kind of way.

Please take a keep in mind of these medicines, i m sorry don’t have actually a red warning triangle:

Eye drops which contain substances the dilate the pupils could impair her vision.

Medicines because that high blood push can reason dizziness, discomfort and also slower reactions together a result.

Insulin and medicines because that diabetes may indirectly an outcome in slower reactions. If you take too much medicine, her blood sugar can drop as well low, and also you can get dizzy and also feel unwell, resulting in slower reactions.

Medicines for hay fever and allergy can an outcome in slower reactions, so it"s important to acknowledge just how you feel. Remember likewise that hay heat alone deserve to make you feel sleepy, therefore resulting in slow reactions.

Dry cough medicines. These medicines affect the main nervous system, which means that they deserve to make friend drowsy.

Medicines because that depression or other psychiatric disorders.

Several species of natural medicines can likewise cause drowsiness, thus resulting in slower reactions. Friend should specifically pay attention to medicines that save valerian.

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