1 : too proud of your own appearance, abilities, achievements, etc. : conceited She is very vain around her appearance. The is the vainest guy I know.

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2 : having no success : not creating a desired an outcome They made a vain <=unsuccessful> attempt to escape. A vain effort to quell the public"s fears just made matters worse. Volunteers searched the area in the vain hope of recognize clues.
2 : in one irreverent or blasphemous manner being a religion writer, i have constantly tried to avoid using the Lord"s name in vain. I have actually not constantly succeeded.— Don Lattin — see likewise take in vain

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vainness ˈvān-​nəs


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biggety (or biggity) , egoistic egotistic


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futile, vain, fruitless mean producing no result. Futile might connote completeness of failure or unwisdom the undertaking. resistance had proved so futile that surrender was the only an option left vain typically implies straightforward failure to accomplish a desired result. a vain attempt to get the vehicle started fruitless come close come vain however often argues long and arduous initiative or significant disappointment. fruitless efforts to obtain a lasting tranquility

because that a half a century, scholars have actually searched in vain for the resource of the jade the the early civilizations of the americas prized above all else and fashioned into precious objects that worship, trade and also adornment. — william J. Broad, New York Times, 22 might 2002 … the miseries that people"s resides ought not to be exploited advertisement libitum in the furtherance of our earnings or ours careers, and also in the vain conviction that we know everything. — Richard Taruskin, New Republic, 24 Dec. 2001 the is in vain to say people ought to be satisfied v tranquillity: castle must have actually action; and they will certainly make that if castle cannot uncover it. — Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre, 1847 Vanity and pride are different things, despite the native are often used synonymously. A human may it is in proud without gift vain. Pride relates an ext to ours opinion that ourselves, vanity come what us would have others think of us. — mrs Austen, Pride and Prejudice, 1813 where words room scarce, lock are rarely spent in vain … — wilhelm Shakespeare, King Richard the Second, 1596 She is an extremely vain around her appearance. he is the vainest guy I know. A vain effort to quell the public"s fears only made problem worse. volunteer searched the area in the vain hope of finding clues.
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Recent instances on the web Litigation come return the team continued until 1967, yet the attempts to be in vain. — Jr Radcliffe, Milwaukee journal Sentinel, 8 Oct. 2021 However, if collection down late enough in the loop, your objective-winning unit’s efforts could soon it is in in vain. — Washington Post, 29 Sep. 2021 safety and security Darius eye rolled right into the sixth-year senior while both do the efforts in vain to handle Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez, that ran 45 yards top top the play. — kris Solari, Detroit totally free Press, 26 Sep. 2021 however eventually countless discover that all the count is in vain. — Robert J. Davis, Time, 24 Sep. 2021 as a medical team tried in vain to restart his heart, Harper was working her shift just down the hallway. — Michelle Theriault Boots, Anchorage day-to-day News, 23 Sep. 2021 Tobias Lindholm’s movie is a installation tribute to all who offered in Afghanistan, not just those representing the Stars and Stripes, do the efforts in vain to stop the specific scenario that has actually played the end over the last couple of weeks. — Sam Sweeney, National Review, 5 Sep. 2021 but after a seven-hour wait for clearance to enter the airport’s gates, the team was educated their efforts would it is in in vain as defense at the gateways was no guaranteed. — Washington Post, 30 Aug. 2021 as Anna tries in vain to contact Sally’s just living relative, she estranged daughter Mabel, Anna’s unanswered stream-of-consciousness voice letter messages come to be the narration come the show. — New York Times, 24 Aug. 2021

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History and Etymology for vain

center English veyn "empty, futile, groundless, foolish, excessively proud," borrowed from Anglo-French vain, vein, going earlier to Latin vānus "lacking content, empty, illusory, significant by foolish or empty pride" — more at wane entry 1