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Sophiee_313 119 months earlier

Beyonce’s Baby surname Eulb Yvi assignment Backwards is Satanic and also Illuminati because that Lucifer’s Daughter. Whats your opinions?
has she really named her child Eulb Yvi, or is that a joke?Whether a hoax or not, it's an overwhelming to see just how "Ivy Blue" is in any means connected to an 18th century Bavarian an enig society. Now if she'd called the child Ssorc Ysor...
her name isnt eulb yvi tho its blue ivi get over it......spell god backwards the DOG you not here civilization complaining about that execute you?
Wow, what a load of pure shit friend write! What drugs space you on and also where have the right to I acquire some. Blue, because Daddy's named all of his albums Blue. Ivy, due to the fact that they were both born top top the 4th so IV is roman numerals for Four. And Carter since that's the dad's genuine surname. No Satanic bullshit to be found, but every one of her initials way she can case just around everyone's octopus pens. Little BIC, welcome to the world.
ns don't know, what has actually Beyonce said around the matter. She probably simply says that Ivy is a pretty name and also Blue has actually some special definition to her. Compared with few of the points celebs speak to their children I think the baby got off quite lightly, why carry out people constantly have come look for part hidden definition into everything.
In the race for the many unusual surname this tops the lot i think, but its their selection at the finish of the job I simply feel because that the tiny one's. At the very least her beauty will certainly see right here through. X
What on planet is satanic around "Ivy Blue"? What has actually it acquired to do with anyone else what Beyonce chose to contact her small girl? world just seem come look because that the negative in points all the time, i beg your pardon is just so wrong. Why can't they simply be happy for her, and her daughter without this continuous bitching?
hi Sophiee08 . Do world really care , what part so called celebrity , has dubbed there baby , castle must have too lot time on there hands or no life . Take treatment

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