Fiji is one of the most renowned vacation destinations top top the planet. An island country consisted of of end 330 islands and also 500 islets in total, Fiji is located in the Pacific Ocean. Tourism is one of the biggest driving forces in Fiji"s economy, through the nation well known all over the people for that stunning beaches, views, and scenery. Hours/availability may have changed.


v dozens that sublime tropical islands to explore and also countless 5-star resorts for travellers to enjoy, through white sandy beaches, scuba diving locations, eco-tourism opportunities and incredible wildlife, there"s i do not have anything in the civilization quite choose Fiji, and Fijian civilization are recognized for their friendly, welcoming perspectives towards visitors from almost everywhere the world.Many civilization in Fiji speak fluent English, but they likewise speak Fijian, and also one that the most famous of all Fijian words is ‘Bula’. Like numerous other native in various other languages, including "Aloha" in Hawaiian or "Prego" in Italian, Bula (which is pronounced prefer boo-lah) is a special people with plenty of different meanings. It can be used in all sorts of situations and is actually one of the many commonly-heard words because that anyone visiting the island country of Fiji.

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because of its diverse interpretations and myriad uses, the word Bula deserve to be defined and also viewed in many different ways, meaning different things to different civilization depending on the circumstances and also situations in which that is used. In ~ its base level, it"s a greeting, lot like "Hello". Bula is because of this most likely going to be among the very an initial words you right here in Fiji, with locals keen to greet new visitors in a friendly and enthusiastic manner v this multi-purpose word.When getting here at the airport in Fiji, acquiring to her hotel, or merely walking into a bar or store, you"re practically guaranteed to it is in greeted with a chorus that "Bulas" indigenous charming locals, and also the greeting format of Bula is that most usual usage. Top top a etymological level, however, words actually converts to ‘Life’ in English. This means that when human being say "Bula" to greet one another, they"re basically wishing lock "Good life" or "Good health". An extended version the the greeting would be "Ni sa bula vinaka" which would analyze into English as "Wishing you delight and good health".If someone does happen to use this expanded Bula greeting ~ above you, you have the right to simply reply by saying ‘Bula’ ago or ‘Bula vinaka’ (boo-lah vee-nah-kah). Bula is thus one of the an initial words world tend come say to every other, popular among both tourists and locals, and can likewise be interpreted and used in the same method we would usage phrases prefer “How are you?” or “Have a good day!” in English.In addition, if you take place to sneeze while walking approximately Fiji, you"ll also hear civilization say Bula come you. This indigenous is supplied as a kind of blessing choose "Gesundheit" or "Bless you" in English after someone sneezes. Words is because of this heard very commonly during an mean stay in Fiji and has end up being so common that the Fiji tourism authorities launched a project entitled "Bula Spirit" part years ago, associating words "Bula" through the idea the warm, welcoming Fijian hospitality and commitment come ensuring that every guest feeling comfortable and happy at all times.

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in addition to ‘Bula’, over there are countless other crucial words and also expressions you could want come know and also use if visiting this beautiful island nation. Here are some instances of renowned Fijian phrases choose Bula:· Vinaka - As formerly mentioned, this word have the right to be offered in conjunction through Bula in part cases and is in reality the common way of speak "Thank you" when traveling approximately Fiji. Because that convenience, the can additionally be shortened to "Naka", yet if you want to admire the locals climate you can even extend it to "Vinaka vaka levu" which would certainly be the Fiji identical of ‘Thank you really much’.· Io (ee-oh) and also Sega (see-ga) - These space the words because that "Yes" and also "No" in Fijian. Io method yes, while Sega means no. Girlfriend may likewise hear words "Sega" as component of the cute, rhythmic phrase "Sega la nega", which converts as something comparable to ‘No worries’.· Yadra (ya-drah) and Moce (moth-eh) - These room the words because that "Good morning" and also "Goodbye" in Fijian, so can be really useful if you desire to greet the locals in their own language while entering or exiting shops, hotels, bars, and also other areas.

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What walk Bula Mean?

covering Photo: Courtesy that Rafael Ben-Ari - more Ideas: Vatuvara personal Islands

We have the right to all benefit from take trip experiences. Breaking out of our routines, gaining away from that all, escaping the hustle and also bustle that the large city, and also enjoying the wonders of exotic destinations and far-off lands can carry out so numerous positive emotions and also happy memory for united state to look ago on in the future.

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Some human being travel to de-stress and relax, others head off looking for adventure and also exciting experiences. Everything your reasons for traveling take place to be, a common travel fantasy, mutual by numerous people, is the principle of gift able to gain a exclusive island paradise.

Being maybe to gain the peace and quiet that a true personal island, feeling totally alone, a million miles far from large cities and also noisy crowds, is a just unparalleled experience. That the can be fried getaway, letting travelers walk follow me their very own stretch of sand, explore their very own private jungles, and live choose a star because that a little while. It is what you’ll find at Vatuvara exclusive Islands.

Vatuvara exclusive Islands - personal Island heaven Vacations

Fiji is one of the world"s most well-known island destinations, and also just a brief away turn off the shore of the key island of Fiji, us can find the Lau Islands. Additionally known together the Lau team of the eastern Group, this archipelago is comprised of end 60 islands and also islets, and around half of them space deserted.

Up in the northern section the the Lau Islands, us can uncover Kaibu Island. A an ext than 22 kilometer reef surrounds this island and neighboring Yacata Island, through a big lagoon separating the pair. Ranked as among the prettiest areas in the world, Kaibu Island is home to Vatuvara personal Islands, a exclusive island resort with high-end villas and sublime services.

- summary - positioned in a ar that has actually been described by travel specialists as among the world"s many beautiful locations, Vatuvara private Islands Resort offers three all-inclusive personal villas and around 800 acre of exclusive island heaven space. Guests at the island are able to take trip there and back on board personal Twin Otter aircraft from Suva or Nadi, the international airport of Fiji, and the adult-only resort likewise provides good dining in two different restaurants and a variety of both land and sea tasks for her enjoyment.

- The Villas in ~ Vatuvara private Islands - guest of the Vatuvara personal Islands will will have actually their an option of 3 private, luxury, all-inclusive villas. Delana Villa, the flagship villa, sits in one elevated, cliffside location, looking out over nothing yet blue waters and lush vegetation. The comes through its very own infinity edge pool, a private beach, a dining gazebo, and also a selection of outdoor seating spaces wherein you can really do the many of the entirety experience. Vatu Villa, meanwhile, was designed through luxury and also elegance in mind; do from rock and timber, this villa offers big outdoor decks, a bionised and heated pool, and state of the art shower facilities. Finally, those searching for intimacy might want to select the many private villa that all: Saku.

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- Dining at Vatuvara private Islands - friend won"t must worry about going hungry or thirsty in ~ Vatuvara private Islands, through two on-site, full-service restaurants offering civilization class culinary experiences from morning with to the evening every day. Top quality meals are prepared below each day with only the freshest, local ingredients that the island"s organic farms and surrounding waters. Jim"s Bar & Grill is a casual dining location for breakfast and lunch, offering pizzas, salads, coffees, teas, and island-style dishes, if the Valhalla Restaurant is the ar to head in the evenings, providing Pacific in salt seafood dishes, essential meats, and also plenty that fruits and also vegetables too, v a winning wine list additionally available.

- Land and also Sea activities at Vatuvara personal Islands - Many human being decide to go to a tropical private island resort prefer Vatuvara exclusive Islands merely to relax and recuperate, sunbathing and also lazing about on the beaches or at your villas, but if you want to gain all type of activities, you"ll find a lot of land and sea options at Vatuvara exclusive Islands. Those feather to continue to be dry will be able to head to the island"s personal golf course, gain yoga sessions on your decks, or also grab a picnic and visit among the regional private islands because that a romantic escapade. If you"re looking to head the end on the water, meanwhile, you deserve to take a ride in the Houdini Naiad boat for some sustainable catch and also release fishing or head off on a kayaking or stand up paddleboarding adventure.