ns was finding out gaianation.net a few years back and a expression I picked up (I think native the Pimsleur program) was "Yee ka ka desu ka" (or possibly the "Yee" was written as "ii" to pronounce as a short type of "ee"), to median "how are you?"

I then stated this to part gaianation.net world I met. Some say it deserve to mean "how are you", yet some showed a "what is it?" face expression and also when ns tell them what I supposed to say, told me that can"t mean "how space you". Can this phrase average it? Or perhaps just in a specific context or in between really near friends that saw each various other recently?

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I think you"re referring to

いかがですか ikaga desu ka

which is the polite version of

どうですか dou desu ka exactly how are things?

It deserve to be used to ask "How room you?" in a polite way, but only v caution: いかがですか【ikaga desu ka】 is greatly used to median "Would you prefer some?", so if you"re stop something in her hand, one can assume you"re providing to provide something.

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The much more complete way of asking "How space you?" in a polite means would be

いかがお過ごしですか ikaga osugoshi desu ka just how are friend doing?

If it"s clear from the paper definition of a conversation, quick forms like

いかがですか、最近 ikaga desu ka, saikin how are points recently?

may be used, yet いかがですかikaga desu ka is not used to begin off a conversation.

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I think you room referring to

如何ですか - Ikaga-desuka?

and asking whether it’s suitable to use as a salute to her acquaintance.

“如何ですか?” method “How room you faring (well)?” , which is nothing dorn on its very own as a phrase. But as the other answerer already mentioned, we rarely say “如何ですか?” as a greeting, nor begin conversation v a friend through this phrase, since it’s too abrupt and also rude.

We would like ”お久しぶりです/ 最近お会いしていませんが – Though ns haven’t seen you a tiny while,” then continue “ご機嫌 (お調子、お体、お仕事の方、ご家族の方) は如何ですか?” – How about your latest problem (mood, health, business, family) ?” as soon as we accomplish our acquaintance after an interval.

Of course there are countless other means of saluting, choose “やあ、お元気ですか”、”今日は、お久しぶりです”、”暫(しばらく)です、お変わりありませんか?” together you have in English.

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