I have been analysis Cicero"s letters in translate in on the Perseus.uchicago.edu site, yet check the gaianation.net to improve my limited ability. Most of the letters incorporate S. P. D.

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in the salutation, and I am wondering — is this formulaic and also what does that mean?



SPD is most likely an acronym because that Salutem Plurimam Dicit. When offered in the phrase

salutem plurimam dicit

it literally becomes

Person X sends numerous greetings to human Y

Person X would be the sender/writer the the letter, and Person Y would be the recipient.

For an ext on gaianation.net letter-writing, check out this page.


HDE226868"s excellent and correct answer and also say the the literal translation that salutem plurimam dicit is "says really much health."

Another version you"re most likely to view is SQPD, which stands for salutem quam plurimam dicit, or "says as much health as possible."

Another collection of abbreviation that crops up often is SVBEEV or variants thereof. This means Si vales, bene est; ego valeo or "If you space well, that is good; i am well." It"s sort of the gaianation.net indistinguishable of "How room you? i am fine."

Letters frequently close with simply vale, which method "be well," but sometimes you"ll check out cura ut valeas, which way "take treatment to it is in well" or "see that you room well."



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