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College football is complete of acronyms, and also if friend are brand-new to the human being of collegiate athletics that can get a little confusing. You probably understand the NCAA stands for the nationwide Collegiate athletic Association or that the SEC means the Southeastern Conference. Those are easy.

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But perform you recognize what the CFP stand for? How around the now-defunct BCS? You’ve most likely heard of the ACC and know what it might stand for, but do you understand what the AAC is? also the different major networks (ESPN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) that bring NCAA gamings sound the same.

The one acronym not many world have master is FBS, i m sorry is just one that two ways the NCAA divides its division I colleges up. The various other D-I classification is FCS.

Beyond division I, the NCAA also has a division II and division III. Junior colleges play independently in the nationwide Junior college Athletic Association. Across the NCAA’s three divisions, virtually 700 football programs suit up and take the ar each year.

So what does FBS stand for? save reading, and head earlier to Google if you’re feather for whatever Fetal Bovine Serum is.

What does FBS stand for in university Football?

Latest official major logos for all 130 FBS teams. To update Baylor, Oklahoma State and San Jose State because that 2019. Any kind of more? pic.twitter.com/A6ZIKKWp89

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The NCAA’s department I is further split by the FBS and also FCS. FBS means Football key Subdivision and it gets its name for the numerous bowl games that teams play in in ~ the end of every season the generate numerous millions of dollars.

In total, there space 10 conferences and 130 FBS teams. Five of the conferences comprise what’s dubbed the power 5. That has NCAA department I teams from the SEC (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi State, south Carolina), big 10 (Ohio State, Michigan, pen State, Indiana, Iowa), Pac-12 (Oregon, USC, Stanford, Utah), Atlantic shore Conference (Clemson, Miami, Florida State, phibìc Carolina) and the large 12 (Oklahoma, Texas). Those last 2 will be moving to the SEC soon.

The five other conferences room the American strong Conference (AAC), Conference USA, Mid-American, mountain West and Sun Belt. Teams choose Cincinnati and also Houston room in the AAC, when Appalachian State, Georgia State, Georgia Southern, trojan and coastal Carolina room in the sun Belt.

Some program are considered independent there is no conference however are tho FBS institutions (Notre Dame, Army and also BYU, for example).

The United states of university FootballFBS, FCS, D2, D3 & NAIA schools pic.twitter.com/kOpiLvsEti

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Many FBS football programs adjust conferences. Take Texas A&M, because that example. The Aggies previously played in the big 12 and also Southwestern Conference prior to joining the SEC in 2012. Oklahoma and Texas are collection to sign up with the SEC in the near future complying with a substantial announcement in 2021.

The college Football Playoff is the yearly postseason four-team tournament that was an initial played in ~ the end of the 2014 season. Prior to that, the key Championship series (BCS) national championship game established a lone winner. The CFP pits the top 4 ranked FBS program (ranked by a CFP committee) versus each other in a knockout-style tournament to determine the national champion.

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FBS programs come in all shapes and sizes and also can be found across the joined States. There are right now nine states without one FBS program: Alaska, Delaware, Maine, Montana, brand-new Hampshire, north Dakota, Rhode Island, south Dakota, Vermont and also then a district — Washington, D.C.


North Dakota State completes the perfect 15-0 season and wins the 2018 FCS national Championship!#FCSChampionship