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The word for cool or chilly in Italian, in the literal sense of a short temperature, is fresco.

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IPA: /ˈfreː.sko/

Because fresco is one adjective, the ending alters in accordance v the sex and variety of the subject:

fresco = masculine, singularfresca = feminine, singularfreschi = masculine, pluralfresche = feminine, plural

Something you’ll hear all Italians say together summer transforms to autumn is Fa fresco! (It’s chilly!) and Fa freschino! / Fa freschetto! (It’s a little bit chilly!)

Fa un po’ fresco oggi. Mi sa che mi metto la giacca.

It’s a little chilly today. I think I’m walking to put on my jacket.

Faceva freschetto questa mattina al parco! = It to be chilly at the park this morning.

Mettere al fresco means to placed in a cool place such as a fridge whereas tenere in fresco way to keep in a cool place.

Metto il vino al fresco prima della cena di stasera.

I’ll chilled the alcohol (put the alcohol in a cool place) prior to supper tonight.

Fresco has actually a couple of other translations as well as cool, among most common being fresh. For example, freshly baked bread is described as pane fresco vice versa, fresh fruit is frutta fresca.

Vado al mercato a comprare del pesce fresco.

I’m going to the market to buy new fish.

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Another feasible translation is new, newly-made or refreshed, and can be offered to define anything from the latest news (notizia fresca) and wet paint (pittura fresca) come newly-weds (sposini freschi) or the feeling of being mentally refreshed (mente fresca) ~ a nap or a rest.

Now let’s move on to several of the much more idiomatic offers of fresco!