Games (G)The variety of game a player has actually played in.This box have to be checked to enter stats for a player.

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Games started (GS)The variety of games in i m sorry a player has actually started in the game.
Minutes played (MIN)The total number of minutes a player has actually played in the games.
Minutes played Per game (MPG)The average variety of minutes a player has actually played every game.Formula: minutes / Games
Field objectives (FG)A basket scored on any type of shot other than a cost-free throw, worth two or 3 points depending on the street of the effort from the basket.
Three point Field goals (3FG)A ar goal worth 3 points due to the fact that the shooter had actually both feet behind the 3-point line as soon as he exit the ball.
Free litter (FT)An unguarded shot taken indigenous the foul heat by a player whose foe committed a an individual or technical foul; it is precious 1 point.
Two allude Field objectives (2FG) (Admin)A ar goal worth 2 points because the shooter had a foot inside the 3-point line as soon as he exit the ball.(Only provided for stat entry)
Attempts (A)A shoot intended for the basket.
Made (M)When the sphere enters the basket from above and scores.
Percentage (%)The percentage of shots made.Formula: made / Attempted
Rebounds (RB)When a player bring away a round that is coming turn off the pickled in salt or backboard after ~ a shot attempt.
Offensive Rebounds (RBO, O) A fag by a player ~ above offense.
Defensive Rebounds (RBD, D)A fag by a player on defense.
Total Rebounds (RB, TOT)Total variety of rebounds indigenous both offense and defense.Formula: offensive Rebounds + defensive Rebounds
Rebounds Per game (RPG)The average number of total rebounds per game.Formula: (RBO + RBD) / gamings
Defensive stop (DFS)The number of times a player can take credit transaction for shutting under the opposing team, either with a forced miss, a forced turnover, or ending the possession v a defensive rebound.
Assists (AST)The last happen to a teammate that leads straight to a ar goal; the scorer need to move instantly toward the basket for the passer to be credited with an assist; just 1 assist can be credited per field goal.
Turnovers (TO)When the offense loses possession with its very own fault by happen the round out of border or committing a floor violation.
Assist to Turnover ratio (A/T)The proportion of assists per turnovers. A ratio valuable for measure up a players effectiveness in dealing with the ball.Formula: Assists / Turnovers
Steals (STL)To take the sphere away native the the contrary team, either turn off the dribble or by picking off a pass.
Blocks (BLK)The successful deflection the a shoot by touching component of the sphere on its way to the basket, thereby avoiding a field goal.
Charges (taken) (CHG)When a defender reasons an attack player to acquire a charging violation, leading to a turnover.
Deflections (DFL)Deflection that the round by the defense (other than blocked shots).
Personal Foul (PF)Contact in between players the may an outcome in injury or administer one team v an unfair advantage; players might not push, hold, trip, hack, elbow, restrain or charge into an opponent; these are likewise counted together team fouls.
Technical Foul (TF)Procedural violations and misconduct that officials think are detrimental to the game; penalized by a solitary free-throw possibility to the non-offending team (2 free-throws in college).
Points (PTS)A number to represent the worth of a basket made and the scores the the teams.

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Points Per video game (PPG)The average variety of points scored per game.Formula: clues / Games
Plus-Minus (+/-)The suggest differential when a player or team is on the floor.
Total Stat points (TSP)The sum of all stat categories.Formula: PTS + RB (O) + RB (D) + STL + DFS + BLK + AST - TO