This idiom is regularly used as part of the much longer expression head over heels in love, which describes romantic love between two people.

Occasionally, this expression have the right to be used to explain other varieties of heightened feeling or excitement. This phrase additionally has a literal meaning meaning, which is to be upside down or falling over.

Origin the Head end Heels

This idiom started being provided as a synonym for being in love around the year 1830 in the joined States.

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It most likely emerged from the literal definition of fallout’s upside down, together a way to explain the turoulend emotions one feels when falling in love.

Examples that Head over Heels

Our an initial dialogue reflects a sister making use of the idiom in a conversation v her brother.

 Luke: So, what’s brand-new with you?

Ella: Actually, I’ve began seeing someone. I desire you to satisfy him. I want the totality family to accomplish him since things are obtaining pretty serious in between us. Ns think he might be the one I’m supposed to be with forever!

Luke: are you serious? exactly how long have you and also he to be dating?

Ella: just a week. Yet we’re already head end heels in love!

The second example shows two world using the expression in a conversation around a television present they’ve to be watching.

Ray: I just don’t discover it believable that she would certainly marry him.

Jackie: Of food it’s believable! they’re head over heels for each other!

Ray: But, she still not over her last love! it is every happening too quickly. Ns think they need to take things slowly.

Jackie: it’s a TV show, not actual life. Acquisition it slow-moving wouldn’t be really exciting!

More Examples

The listed below example offers the expression to explain how the renowned character Romeo fell deeply in love v Juliet.

In this various other example, the idiom is used to explain the love people have for their dogs.


The expression head over heels typically method to love someone an extremely much.


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