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Hot melt adhesive, an ext commonly recognized as warm glue, is the go-to adhesive for many crafters, but it’s an extremely useful in a huge number of different hobbies. Below are part ideas and also advice that just might make hot glue your new favorite adhesive.

Glue Sticks

Glue rod are easily accessible in a selection of colors, even glitter-filled and also glow-in-the-dark. There are additionally low- and high-temperature glues, with the high-temperature version creating a more powerful bond. Dual-temperature warm glue weapons are available, which allow you to move temperatures because that either adhesive stick type.

Canned Air

When you’re in a hurry, it have the right to be incredibly frustrating come wait for warm glue to dry. Come cool the instantly, take a deserve to of compressed air, revolve it upside-down, and spray the fresh glued area. The spray the comes out of the can chills the glue, solidifying that in seconds. Be mindful not come spray her hands or anything that shouldn’t get cold, together it have the right to burn your skin.

Heat Gun

If you need to re-adjust a hot-glued area, you deserve to use a warmth gun to warm the glue back up and reposition it.



Hot adhesive isn’t just an adhesive, it can be supplied for casting small objects. Just make a rapid plaster (or 3D printed) mold that the thing you desire to duplicate, climate squirt warm glue right into the negative space ~ the mold has hardened.


Before you plugin that warm glue gun, placed a silicone mat or some parchment file (not wax paper!) under on her workspace. Any kind of spilled hot glue deserve to be peeled off after it cools.

Denatured Alcohol

If you ever need come remove warm glue indigenous something, you deserve to use a tiny amount the denatured alcohol along the edge of the glue to rest the bond.

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Hot glue have the right to stick to her skin and cause pains burns, and it’s almost impossible to eliminate until after that solidifies. It’s a great idea to save a key of cold water nearby so you can dip her hand in it and cool the glue much faster to minimization the burn.