There"s a blue fire from, i think, an oxygen tank. Carter finds Lisa ~ above the floor and also asks she if she neck is okay; she nods. Luka is next right into the breach, and also asks Carter even if it is Lisa"s airway is clear<.>

The idea the has much more than one explain “mood” has actually been dismissed together superstitious by empirically-minded grammar of for centuries <. . .>. Permit me be next right into the breach.

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But let"s be of good cheer: looks favor Newt the execrable is next right into the breach together the transitory not-Mitt.

I deserve to sort of master the as whole meaning—it seems to me that a straightforward next would do the project in all the instances above—but ns can"t figure out its connotation: what does "into the breach" add to the sense? does this idiom change its definition according to the context?

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According come,"step into the breach" way "to carry out someone"s occupational when they room suddenly not able to carry out it <eg> Professor Collier stepped into the breach as soon as the guest lecturer fail to revolve up." As displayed at (and listed in previous answer) the expression stems native the "Cry God for Harry, England, and also Saint George!" speech of Shakespeare"s Henry V, action III. This link suggests the definition is "Let us shot again one much more time", fairly than doing something no one else will certainly do.

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answered may 9 "12 at 16:31

James Waldby - jwpat7James Waldby - jwpat7
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Breach method ‘gap’, and the expression is an echo of

Once an ext unto the breach, to ~ friends, as soon as more

from Shakespeare’s ‘Henry V’. There the breach is the space in the French defences made by the army.

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answered might 9 "12 at 16:30

Barrie EnglandBarrie England
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