as one could sayto produce or invent a brand-new phrase, speak etc.something said prior to using a renowned expression or prior to saying some variation of one expressionto ‘ironically’ express part phraseto repeat and expression, quotation, etc.

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Example Sentences

She was, come coin a phrase, as clever together fox.Sportsmen, come coin a phrase, have come to be spiteful competitorsNowadays our media is nothing more than, to coin a phrase, misrepresentation of actual facts.To hike and also camp in the calm wilderness is, to coin a phrase, equivalent to gaining reborn.Corrupt political leaders through public displays of concern and also generosity shot to prove the they are, come coin a phrase, pious and also innocent.Oh friend know, that is always happy as a lark, to coin a phrase.


The root of this phrase date ago to the early 14th century whereby dies where provided to do coins through stamping it on sheet steel in a process popularly known as ‘minting’. These die were called coins and therefore ‘coining’ slowly got associated with ‘invention’.

Although sport of the phrase can be seen in literary works of George Puttenham (1589) and also W. Shakespeare (1607), the exact consumption of the phrase (as we understand it today) appears to have actually originated in American literature with the earliest taped use being in the ‘The Southport American’ newspaper in 1848.


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On the 9/11 aircraft crash in PA they store saying “he” coined (quoined) a expression as if that made it up on the spot and also its to be something the black people have been saying because at least the 70s. I think the correct statement would be “he repetitive the phrase.” No disrespect come the courageous people who shed their stays that day.

- P. September 11, 2021

I think it comes from printing. A letterpress coin (although the is order quoin) is a wedge thingy that holds the letter in ar on a to press press. So come quoin a phrase would be to set a expression or sentence right into print.

- valley February 15, 2021

It need to be “to quote a phrase.”

Over the year “to coin a phrase” ended up being a substitute for “to quote a phrase.” together per the explanation right here when you “coin” miscellaneous you’re making the brand new, as they did once they stamped the metal into a new coin.

To quote a phrase is the correct term ns believe.

- Rico January 28, 2021

To me that sounds favor stamping a expression on a coin, “in god we trust” per-say, it then came to be well known.

- Jay November 30, 2020

The association with innovation is the ironic part I believe.

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- Hadley July 14, 2020

To ” coin a phrase ” the explanation does no make it because that me. I know when lock use words minting or stamping. Go they rubber stamp each coin through a various phrase? That would make sense. To use the word creation , in my mind is not a phrase.