8 years back

This morning mine ring finger started itching. I determined to google it since I’m kinda bored at work. This is the solution I got and I had actually no idea this one to be coming. I love it!!! I’m sure it’s just superstition, however it sure did make me feel better.

An itchy ring finger could result from a metal allergy or skin irritation from a ring. If you room not put on a ring, and believe in the superstition, it could also mean marriage in your future.

8 years back Wedding: December 2018

I personal don’t think in them. I find it crazy when human being won’t open umbrellas, walk up the stairs in ~ the exact same time together someone else, etc. Mysister is among those people, therefore I have actually heard them all (and still role my eyes). I purposely leave secrets on the table and do other little things to annoy her