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‘Between 1866 and 1891 these males participated in several significant campaigns against Kiowas, Comanches, Cheyennes, Apaches, and also Lakotas.’
‘For the first time in 4 decades, conserve for the normal raids and counterraids with Blackfeet and Lakotas, the Crows had actually their country to themselves.’‘‘Mad Bear’ Harney deep humiliated the Lakotas and convinced the Oglalas and Brules that the moment had pertained to withdraw native the Platte.’‘The Cheyennes and Lakotas would have dissented, and assuredly the American trappers who got to the Crow country shortly after Larocque"s visit would have laughed heartily.’‘In speak Buffaloes and also Broncos, Allison Fuss Mellis focuses on three northern plains Indian tribes: Crows, north Cheyennes, and Lakotas.’‘Like the Lakotas and also Cheyennes, they to be horse-and-buffalo Indians.’‘By month"s end, it was apparent that the huge gathering the Lakotas and Northern Cheyennes that had fought Custer had scattered and that Terry"s obelisk had little chance of striking the smaller sized Indian encampments.’‘Although the Indians dealt with to a attract at wolf Mountains, the battle ultimately proved to be a tactical win for the army and also an unrecoverable armed forces defeat for the Lakotas and also Northern Cheyennes.’‘Thick smoke across the Missouri River, Grinnell assumed, expected Lakotas and Cheyennes knew that the army"s presence.’‘His is neither a story of Custer nor an examination of not correct inflicted top top the northern Cheyennes and the Lakotas.’‘Realizing that a railroad would damage their searching grounds and flood the plains with settlers, the Lakotas under sit Bull threatened to stand up to it.’‘Though Robertson refers to the Yanktons and also Santees transparent the book as Lakotas, lock are, in fact, Dakota people.’‘However, on august 14 in ~ Pryor"s Creek, numerous Lakotas attacked Baker"s camp.’‘The author tells that her give to visit new Zealand and of the similarity she discerns in between the Maoris, Lakotas, and Africans, but we inquiry where all of this is going.’‘Other Cree bands most likely avoided catch because, just as the Lakotas had done in vault years, they stayed camped simply north the the border, crossing only in small parties in stimulate to profession or hunt.’‘He had actually neutralized sit Bull already; if stunner Horse might be defeated, the Lakotas would certainly be there is no their 2 most significant leaders.’‘However, there are actually fourteen Indian casualties in his painting: thirteen Lakotas and also one Ankara enlightenment named little Brave.’‘There is a huge library of historic and social works about the Lakotas, countless of which emphasis on the Ghost Dance and Wounded Knee.’‘Heeding the Crows" report the there to be Lakotas hunting on the Bighorn and short on grass for the horses, Baker and also Roberts turned back early on Sunday, November 12.’‘Nine month earlier, on respectable 15, 1876, Congress had actually passed law requiring the Lakotas come relinquish their claims to all land outside the good Sioux Reservation.’
‘By the finish of the one-week marathon held near Stratford, Ontario, the 2 translation groups had developed Easter Story Selections in Lakota and Choctaw that they have the right to now publish and distribute in your language communities.’

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‘‘Skaa is Lakota for ‘ghost,’ give thanks to you very much,’ I said shortly.’‘Ostler has actually made a standout donation to our understanding of both the events and also their definition in a occupational that deserves the fist of society scientists and historians also as contemporary Lakota and non-Lakota readers.’‘The grant will market incentives to employee at the university to learn and also use the Lakota language and mentors to assistance them.’‘Yellowhawk"s wife, Johanna, who also works top top the Lakota team, said, ‘Language is the foundation of any culture.’’‘Lakota fluency was based upon how well they might speak, write, or use the Lakota language.’‘In short, Malachi in Hebrew means ‘Messenger that God’ and Helki in Lakota method ‘touched.’’