Soccer is a great game come watch and play, yet it does usage a many terminologies that deserve to be confusing in ~ first. One word supplied in soccer that many world struggle to know is words “pitch”. In this article, I desire to explain to you what people mean once they use the word “pitch” in soccer.

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In soccer, a pitch is another name because that the playing surface on i m sorry the video game of football is played. A soccer pitch is also known together a soccer field. Using words “pitch” to describe the area that ground where a soccer game is played originated in England during the 1800s.

To many people, the word “pitch” can seem favor a strange indigenous to use in this context. Yet once you understand the reasons why this word came to be used, girlfriend may find that the actually renders some sense. And maybe you’ll even start utilizing it yourself!

If girlfriend are searching for thedimensions that a soccer field,click hereto walk to my post “How big is a soccer Field?” girlfriend will uncover all the details of exactly how big, wide, and also long a soccer pitch is there.

Why Is It called a soccer Pitch?

The word “pitch” has been in use for centuries. Even as far earlier as 1200, it was being supplied in old English.

And you room probably mindful of its usage in other areas of life together as once someone is”pitching a tent”, or in ~ night once it’s “pitch-black” outside.

But how and also why words “pitch” happened used in the context of soccer is surprising to many people. Specifically when they uncover its use comes from a completely separate sport.

The sport of cricket.

A soccer field is called a pitch because when soccer very first became renowned in England in the 19th century, teams regularly played gamings on a cricket pitch. As soon as soccer began to usage designated football fields, the term provided to describe the playing surface stuck, and a soccer ar was referred to as a soccer pitch.

Man play cricket on a cricket pitch

Now, you may not understand much about cricket, and also I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not really easy to understand, but it does have actually a history of influencing soccer.

In fact, I newly wrote a article explaining exactly how the use of the phrase“hat-trick”in soccer additionally has its beginnings in the game of cricket. Girlfriend can discover that short article byclicking hereif you’re interested in knowing more.

But before explaining how the use of words pitch to explain a playing surface ar transferred indigenous cricket to soccer, we require to understand what the original definition of words “pitch” was.

Meaning of the word “pitch”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary says that the beginning of words pitch is from:

Middle English –pichen– come thrust, drive, resolve firmly.”


You have the right to see this in the modern use that the phrase “pitching a tent.” The idea is the you are driving stakes into the ground to ensure that the tent is addressed firmly come the ground.

In a game of cricket, 3 stakes, known as stumps, room thrust or driven into the ground. These are provided as a target because that the football player to throw the sphere at. You deserve to see exactly how this look at in the picture below.

Cricket stumps

This plot of setup up the stumps before a video game was often referred to together “pitching the stumps” as the word “pitching” can additionally mean:

“To erect or collection up.”

Over the year of utilizing this word, words “pitch” occurred from gift used specifically as a verb(pitching)to being provided as a noun(the pitch). And also in cricket, the ground wherein the stumps to be pitched became known as the “cricket pitch.”

Soccer was regularly played at cricket grounds

When soccer first began to come to be popular in England throughout the 1800s, there to be very couple of designated soccer areas in existence. Yet the video game of cricket was already popular throughout the country, and most towns had a regional cricket pitch.

Because that the lack of access to soccer fields, that was typical for numerous soccer gamings to be played on the ground whereby the regional cricket gamings were played.And, as I’ve simply mentioned, in renowned terminology in ~ the time, the area the ground where the soccer video game was being played was regularly referred to together the “pitch.”

As the sports of soccer thrived in popularity, designated areas were collection apart because that soccer games to be play on, and cricket pitches to be left because that cricket gamings to be played on. Yet the term offered to define the playing surface stuck, and also from climate on up until the existing day, a soccer ar was regularly referred to as a soccer pitch.

How big is a soccer Pitch?

Now we understand what a football pitch is, let’s easily look at the dimension of a pitch.

Soccer key lines and dimensions

The size of a soccer pitch are identified by the international Football Association plank (IFAB) who space responsible because that the laws that soccer.

A soccer pitch is between 100-130 yards (90-120 meters) long by 50-100 yards (45–90 meters) wide. In an global game, the dimension of the pitch should be between 110-120 yards (100-110 m) lengthy by 70-80 yards (64-75 m) wide.

As you have the right to see, a football pitch is fairly huge and definitely broader than one NFL pitch. (You can find an ext out around that here.)

There are also clear markings or lines on a soccer pitch that are constantly present.

The currently on a soccer pitch define the limits of the playing area and identify locations of the key where particular rules apply. The lines are always white and also are forced to be clearly visible at all times.

These currently have different names depending on where they room located.

For example:

The line at each end of the pitch is known as the score lineThe lines on the sides of the pitch are recognized as the touchlinesand the line across the facility of the pitch is well-known as the half-way line.

Is it a Soccer ar or Pitch?

Now we understand what a key is, it raises the question of even if it is the playing surface where a soccer video game is played should be referred to as a soccer field or a soccer pitch.

There is no ideal answer.

The area of ground whereby a soccer video game is played is well-known as a soccer ar in most of phibìc America, however it is more commonly known as a soccer pitch in England, where words “pitch” originates from. A football pitch is another name for a soccer field.

Whether you select to call the floor a field or a pitch greatly depends on wherein you room from or whereby you are based.

In north America, for example, the is uncommon for who to describe a sporting activities ground together a “pitch,” and also the term “field” is much much more prevalent. Whereas in England, the use of the word “pitch” is far an ext common as the word “field” is most generally used to describe an open area offered for farming.

The Cambridge dictionary even provides the meaning of “pitch” as:

an area painted v lines because that playing specific sports

Cambridge Dictionary

Whether you pick to call it a field or a pitch is at some point up come you.Just be mindful that if you space in the joined States and decide to use the term “pitch,” you need to be ready to explain to those around you what you space talking about!

Meaning the “On or turn off the pitch”

This explanation likewise helps to clarify what human being mean when they speak a football player, or the ball, is “off the pitch” or “on the pitch.”

In soccer, the phrase“off the pitch”means that either a player or the sphere is no much longer on the football field. They have actually crossed the outside boundaries of the field.

The phrase“on the pitch”means that the player or the round is on the soccer field. They are within the boundaries of the play area.

As I pointed out before, expertise all the various soccer terminologies deserve to be hard. If you are looking for some help, I have actually put together a complete glossary of every the terms provided in soccer. Girlfriend can uncover it byclicking here.

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Hopefully, you now feel as though you have actually a better understanding of why the word “pitch” is supplied in soccer. It is simply another term offered to refer to a soccer field.

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