Motifs are recurring structures, contrasts, and also literary devices that can help to develop and inform the text’s significant themes.

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The indigenous pneumatic is offered with remarkable frequency to define two things: Lenina’s body and chairs. Pneumatic is one adjective that usually means that something has air pockets or works by method of compressed air. In the situation of the chairs (in the feely theater and in Mond’s office), the probably way that the chairs’ cushions are inflated v air. In Lenina’s case, words is supplied by both Henry Foster and also Benito Hoover to define what she’s favor to have sex with. She it s her remarks the her lovers usually find her “pneumatic,” patting her legs together she walk so. In referral to Lenina, it method well-rounded, balloon-like, or bouncy, in reference to her flesh, and in particular her bosom. Huxley is no the only writer to use the word pneumatic in this sense, although the is an inexplicable usage. The usage of this odd native to describe the physical qualities of both a woman and a piece of furniture underscores the novel’s template that person sexuality has been degraded to the level that a commodity.

Ford, “My Ford,” “Year of our Ford,” etc.

Throughout Brave new World, the citizens of the civilization State instead of the surname of Henry Ford, the early on twentieth-century industrialist and also founder that the Ford motor Company, wherever civilization in ours own people would speak Lord” (i.e., Christ). This displayed that even at the level that casual conversation and also habit, religion has actually been replaced by reverence for technology—specifically the efficient, mechanized manufacturing facility production of products that Henry Ford pioneered.


The motif that alienation offers a counterpoint to the motif of full conformity that pervades the people State. Boy name Marx, Helmholtz Watson, and John space alienated native the world State, each for his own reasons. Young name is alienated due to the fact that he is a misfit, too tiny and powerless for the place he has actually been conditioned come enjoy. Helmholtz is alienated because that the the contrary reason: he is as well intelligent even to pat the duty of an Alpha Plus. John is alienated on many levels and at multiple sites: not just does the Indian ar reject him, however he is both unwilling and unable come become component of the civilization State. The motif of alienation is among the driving pressures of the narrative: it offers the main personalities with their primary motivations.


Brave new World abounds with recommendations to sex. At the love of the civilization State’s control of its populace is that rigid manage over sexual mores and reproductive rights. Reproductive rights are controlled through an authoritarian system that sterilizes about two-thirds the women, needs the rest to use contraceptives, and also surgically gets rid of ovaries when it demands to produce new humans. The plot of sex is regulated by a mechanism of society rewards for promiscuity and also lack the commitment. John, an outsider, is torture by his desire for Lenina and her i can not qualify to return his love together such. The conflict between John’s desire because that love and Lenina’s desire for sex illustrates the profound distinction in values in between the human being State and the mankind represented through Shakespeare’s works.

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Shakespeare offers the language v which man understands the world. V John’s use of Shakespeare, the novel makes contact with the wealthy themes explored in plays like The Tempest. It likewise creates a distinct contrast in between the utilitarian simplicity and also inane babble of the civilization State’s propaganda and also the nuanced, elegant city of a time “before Ford.” Shakespeare’s plays carry out many instances of specifically the kind of person relations—passionate, intense, and also often tragic—that the human being State is committed to eliminating.