The word reciprocal has its roots in Latin as the word “reciprocus” definition “returning”. On acquisition reciprocal the an inverted number, it returns to the initial number. The reciprocal of a offered number when multiplied by that number gives one together a product. Thus, that is additionally called the multiplicative inverse.

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In math, reciprocal can simply be characterized as the station of a number or a value. For a real number n, mutual is 1/n, such together reciprocal the 3 is 1/3. Similarly, reciprocal of 5 is 1/5 and also so on. What is the reciprocal of 0? What is the mutual of decimal number? Let"s learn around it every in this lesson.

1.What is Reciprocal?
2.How to find the mutual of a Number?
3.Reciprocal the a an adverse Number
4. Reciprocal that a Decimal Number
5.Reciprocal that a Fraction
6.Reciprocal the a mixed Number
6.FAQs on mutual Definition

What is Reciprocal?

According come the reciprocal definition in math, the reciprocal that a number is characterized as the expression which when multiplied by the number offers the product together 1. In various other words, when the product of 2 numbers is 1, castle are stated to be reciprocals of every other. The mutual of a number is also defined together the division of 1 by that number.

The multiplicative inverse is a commonly-used reciprocal synonym. You may come throughout this term in the future. They median the same.


How to discover the mutual of a Number?

We are already familiar the the reciprocal of a number is the station of the offered number and we can easily find it for any type of number by creating 1 end it. Us can discover the reciprocal of herbal numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, as well as mixed fractions. Let"s have actually a look in ~ the table given below.

Natural Number x1/xReciprocal that 4 is 1/4
Integer x, x≠0 1/xReciprocal the -4 is -1/4
Fraction x/y, x,y≠0y/xReciprocal of 2/7 is 7/2
Decimal (x)1/xReciprocal of 0.1 is 1/0.1

Reciprocal of a an unfavorable Number

For any an unfavorable number -n, reciprocal will be that is inverse through a minus sign with it. Also, for variable terms, such together -ax2, reciprocal deserve to be calculated and also thus, reciprocal will be -1/ax2. The adhering to steps deserve to be adhered to to find the mutual of any an unfavorable number or variable:

Step 1:For any negative number, make it an improper portion by writing one below it as the denominator.Step 2: Interchange the numerator and denominator.Step 3: include a an unfavorable sign come the result value.

For example, the reciprocal of -31 is -1/31.

Reciprocal of a Decimal Number

It"s even less complicated to discover the reciprocal of a decimal number. To find the mutual of a decimal number, simply divide one by the decimal number or compose one end the number.

For example, the mutual of 9.8 is 1/9.8

Reciprocal of a Fraction

All fountain consist the a numerator and a denominator. To find the mutual of a fraction, interchange the numerator and denominator. The resultant portion is the forced reciprocal. The mutual of a fraction, consist of of variables deserve to be calculation in the same manner

For example, the reciprocal of 7/10 is 10/7 and similarly the mutual of a/b is b/a.

Reciprocal the a blended Number

A mixed portion or a mixed number is a mixture the a whole number and also a appropriate fraction. This have the right to a mixture of numbers or also variables. Reciprocal of mixed fractions are constantly proper fractions. The complying with steps have the right to be complied with to discover the mutual of a mixed number:

Step 1: transform the blended number come an wrong fraction.Step 2: Interchanging the numerator and also denominator. The resultant fraction is the compelled reciprocal.

For example, the reciprocal of (2frac13):

The improper form of (3frac12) is 7/2The reciprocal of 7/2 is 2/7.

Important Points

The mutual of a number is additionally called that is multiplicative inverse.The product that a number and also its reciprocal is same to 1.Reciprocal the a reciprocal provides the initial number. For example, mutual of 5 is 1/5 and also reciprocal of 1/5 is 5.Reciprocal the a number x is composed as 1/x or x-1.Reciprocal of a mixed portion can be obtained by convert the mixed portion into one improper portion and identify its reciprocal.



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Solved instances on Reciprocal


Example 1: A pizza is sliced right into 8 pieces. Tom eats 3 slices of the pizza and also leaves the rest. Identify the mutual of the amount of the pizza eaten by Tom.


Since Tom ate 3 slices the end of 8, it suggests he ate 3/8 of the pizza. We need to identify the reciprocal of 3/8. Let"s interchange the numerator and also the denominator to obtain the reciprocal. The reciprocal of 3/8 is 8/3.

Therefore, 8/3 is mutual of the quantity of pizza eaten by Tom.

Example 2: Daniel to buy 4 apples native the market. That ate (1 frac12) apples indigenous the 4 the bought. Determine the reciprocal of (1 frac12).


To recognize the reciprocal of (1 frac12), convert the mixed portion into an not correct fraction. (1 frac12)=3/2. Now, find the reciprocal of 3/2. Reciprocal of 3/2 is 2/3.

Therefore, 2/3 is mutual of (1 frac12).

Example 3: Find the mutual of -9/10. Verify your answer.


The mutual of -9/10 is -10/9. Come verify the answer, we will multiply -9/10 through its reciprocal and check if the product is 1, -9/10 x -10/9 = 1

Therefore, -10/9 is mutual of -9/10.

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FAQs on mutual Definition

How execute you describe Reciprocal?

The reciprocal of a number is 1 separated by the number. The can also be explained as: once the product of two numbers is 1, lock are stated to it is in reciprocals of every other.

What is the mutual of 1?

The mutual of 1 is 1. To determine the reciprocal of 1, divide 1 by 1. (1/1 = 1)

Does 0 have a Reciprocal?

No, 0 has actually no reciprocal. Every numbers have reciprocals, except 0.

How to find Reciprocal of a blended Number?

The complying with steps deserve to be adhered to to find the mutual of a blended number:

Step 1: transform the mixed number to an wrong fraction.Step 2: Interchanging the numerator and also denominator. The resultant portion is the required reciprocal.

For Example, reciprocal of (3frac12) = 2/7.

What is the Difference between Reciprocal and Inverse?

The inverse means the contrary operation, such as addition and subtraction space inverse operations, conversely, the reciprocal describes the train station of any type of value, likewise called the multiplicative inverse.

What is an additional Word for Multiplicative Inverse?

Reciprocal is another word because that the multiplicative inverse.

What is the mutual of Infinity?

The mutual of infinity is zero (0). (1/∞=0)

What is the reciprocal of a Decimal Number?

The reciprocal of a decimal is one separated by the decimal number or one end the number.

How to discover the reciprocal of a negative Number?

To uncover the mutual of a an unfavorable number monitor the steps given below:

Step 1: because that any an adverse number, do it one improper fraction by writing one below it.Step 2: Swap or interchange the numerator and also denominator.Step 3: include a negative sign to the resultant value.

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For example, reciprocal of -9 is -1/9.