What is the Roblox 14th date of birth Code? Birthdays are a time for celebration and also thinking in time gone and also times yet to come, also: cake and presents. Come celebrate the game’s birthday, the development team often tends to give out some goodies. This 14th year is no different. Check out on to uncover out what the 14th birthday password in Roblox is.

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Discover how come redeem the 14th birthday password in Roblox below, as well as what gift you’ll get for act so.

What is the Roblox 14th birthday Code?


The Roblox 14th birthday password is:


Once you have actually redeemed the code, friend will get the Cake Cape cosmetic item together a reward. Together of writing, girlfriend should obtain the Cake Cape items either right away, or soon. If you don’t get it best away, us hope it find its means into your inventory sooner rather than later. You deserve to see the special Cake Cape in the photo above.

Make certain you redeem the code in the correct location to acquire hold of the Roblox 14th date of birth Cake Cape cosmetic item. Thankfully, you deserve to read on to uncover out exactly how to redeem the in-game birthday present.

How come redeem the Roblox 14th birthday Code

Make keep in mind of the Roblox 14th date of birth code:GROWINGTOGETHER14Head come the Roblox websiteRedeem Roblox Promotions page, follow this link:Log inEnter the code above into the “Enter her Code” sectionClick the Redeem button

Following the measures above, you have to now have actually your Cake Cape in Roblox. There is no better way come celebrate the game’s 14th (yes, 14 already) birthday than by attract a cape make of cake. Sadly, you cannot have your Cake Cape and also eat it, too.

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