Don’t concern if girlfriend didn’t understand this message. Together you’ve more than likely guessed, it’s no in conventional French, yet a sub-language: French internet and also text message slang.

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Love it or hate it, this particular slang is pretty common online or if you’re interacting with a French person by text message. That means it’s a good idea come be acquainted with exactly how it works, and also the most common words and abbreviations you will do it come across.

So, whether her goal is to text like a pro, or just have the ability to understand what your French pen pal wrote on Facebook, let’s inspect out the human being of French internet and texting slang.

Table that Contents
What you need to know about French internet and text blog post slang
Why is part French internet and also text blog post slang in English?
fads you can use to conveniently understand French internet and also texting slang
One various other thing to keep in mind about French online and texting slang
French internet and texting slang because that greetings
Polite French internet and also texting slang
French internet and texting slang verbs and pronouns
Other usual French internet and also text post slang terms
usual English web slang that’s also used in French
must I usage French internet and text article slang?

What you should know about French internet and text post slang

Before us look at some actual examples of French internet and also texting slang, let’s talk about how they work.

Although there can be a couple of terms that room used specifically in message messages or online, in general, the slang offered in both worlds overlaps. This is because, as in English, a many internet and also text blog post slang entails shortening native so that you can acquire your message across quickly, clearly, and with as small typing as possible to save time.

And speaking of English….

You have the right to divide French internet and also text message slang right into two main groups:

French internet and texting slang that originates from FrenchFrench internet and texting slang that comes from English

Both are commonly used, specifically online. However in message messages, because you’re dealing much more with dental language and the local, not an international population, the slang has tendency to stay much more on the French side, return there space some exceptions, like the abbreviation LOL.

Why is some French internet and also text blog post slang in English?


The internet is a global phenomenon, and also the language offered most often online is English. An approximated 25.2% that all virtual content is in English, consisting of 59% the the optimal 10 million websites. Compare that to 2.8% of contents that’s solely in French.

Of course, the doesn’t mean that you need to speak English to usage the internet, but it does median that you will do it come across a lot of human being from different nations who have end up being familiar v at least simple English terms, simply because they’re exposed come them a many — no to point out English-language TV shows and movies, tune lyrics, and other pop culture.

As if that wasn’t enough, injecting English words and phrases into your (informal) vocabulary is at this time à la setting in France. You deserve to see this really easily if you revolve on the Netflix reality collection “The Circle: France”. Although anyone on the present is a aboriginal French speaker, lock constantly connect to each various other (via a fake digital platform) through English phrases and hashtags.

Generally speaking, English-based French internet and also text message slang tends to incorporate usual internet abbreviations like LOL and WTF, however you will likewise see common and even really trendy words used in their entirety from time to time.

To me, the intro to “Le zap de Spi0n” (zap is brief for zapping, a repertoire of funny or inexplicable videos) is great representation that French internet slang. We check out French terms (often informal, shortened execution of them, prefer Actu for actualité (news)), standard English words like “cute”, and also English web slang like “WTF”.

That gift said, no all French human being are bilingual, so past something extremely common like “cool” or “LOL”, they may not understand what you’re talking about. That usually finest to select French phrases and also words, uneven you’ve seen your friend or world on forums, etc., where you’re communicating, using English ones. 

Also save in mind the if you’re talk to who from an older generation, they aren’t going to recognize as lot internet and texting slang in general, but especially no English-language terms, since they didn’t thrive up with the current worldwide culture, and learning English in school wasn’t as usual as that is today.

Patterns you deserve to use to quickly understand French internet and texting slang

When it involves French internet and text blog post slang it is in French, the pretty straightforward to understand if girlfriend take the time to learn a couple of patterns.

Here space the five main qualities of French internet and text article slang:

Words need to be as short and also easy to kind as possible. This way you delete every accents unless they are absolutely necessary.Sounds can be replaced by a letter or number that sounds the same. You replace “un”, “ain” or “ien” by “1” (un) choose in bien (b1). Similarly “c” replaces “c’est”, “sait” and also “s’est”.Words room written with only a couple of letters. This one is a little trickier, because it’s type of instinctive. Because that instance, bonjour i do not care bjr. These room the key consonants in the word, but what around the “n”? You deserve to generally acquire a sense of i beg your pardon letters are kept and also which aren’t, through observing how French people shorten words online and in message messages.Silent letter like last “e” or “h” in ~ the beginning of words room deleted (for example, “contre” becomes “contr”).

One other thing to save in mind about French online and also texting slang


Now that we’ve gained the rules and background info down, stop look in ~ some examples of French internet and also text article slang.

Keep in psychic that, together with any type of list that slang terms, not all of these might be currently used by the moment you review them. But generally speaking, this terms room pretty common and you’re most likely to encounter them if you’re communicating with a young or even middle-aged French human being online or via text message.

Although the a good idea to be at the very least passingly acquainted with every one of these, the terms in bold form are the ones that you’ll more than likely see supplied the most often by French world of practically every generation, v the exemption of (most) really elderly people.

French internet and texting slang because that greetings

slt: salut (hi)lut, lu: less typical slang for salut (hi)cc: coucou (hi)

Note that coucou is a cutesy greeting offered when talking to children, between women friends, or native a woman to a guy she’s really friendly with, like a brother or childhood friend, and possibly through family. You deserve to learn an ext about this greeting, as well as the others on this list, here.

bsr: bonsoir (good evening)biz: bisous (kiss)

This is a common, really informal sign-off used with nearby friends, your significant other, and possibly household members. That the rough identical of XOXO in English. You have the right to learn more about exactly how to use bisous, bise, and other French kissing-/greeting -related indigenous here.

sa va: An alternative version the ça va, this phrasecan be used as a question: “sa va ?” (how space you?) or as solution “sa va” (I to be good, the okay”).

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You may be wonder why this ax is used, once it takes just as many letters to kind out an excellent old ça va. The factor is the it’s simpler to form a regular “s” 보다 a ç…although nowadays with autocorrect, that’s not always the case.