the letters stood for by the radio telegraphic signal (· · · – – – · · ·) used, especially by ships in distress, as an worldwide recognized speak to for help.

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1905–10, indigenous the Morse code alphabet, in which three dots (or short clicks) represents the letter S and also three dashes (or long clicks) to represent the letter O

The letter sequence SOS (pronounced S-O-S) is provided in Morse password as a distress signal—a way to speak to for assist during an emergency, such together on a ship.

Morse code uses clicks and pauses, short and long sounds, or flicker of irradiate to stand for letters and numbers. S is represented by three quick clicks or quick flashes that light, and also O is stood for by three long sounds or longer flashes of irradiate (depicted with dashes).

Morse code can be composed out using dots to represent brief clicks and dashes come represent lengthy ones, leading to a details sequence because that SOS (··· – – – ···) that was chosen because it would certainly be straightforward to connect with sounds end radio or v flashes of light.

The signal came to be well-known enough that SOS happened used as an informal term for any type of call for aid or notification that there is one emergency, as in Send an SOS to the plank letting them know that we’ll have to schedule one emergency meeting. 

When offered this way, every letter is quiet pronounced personal (S-O-S). The many of SOS have the right to be created as SOSs or SOS’s. SOS can additionally be provided as a verb an interpretation to send together an SOS.

Example: I have actually my phone set up to instantly send one SOS to certain contacts if I ever dial 9-1-1.

SOS was officially designated together a distress contact in the beforehand 1900s. Contrary to well-known belief, the succession SOS to be not expected to was standing for “save ours ship” or “save our souls,” both of i m sorry were used to the collection of letters later. In fact, the letters were no intended to stand for anything—they were preferred simply because they are straightforward to connect in Morse code and the resulting sequence is easy to identify from any other message.

Morse password has because largely fallen out of handy use in favor of equipment based on an ext advanced technologies, specifically satellite communication. However, usage of the hatchet SOS as an informal means of referring to a distress contact is tho common.

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The signal SOS was once generally used in the paper definition of radio communication among ships. Today, the use of SOS as a general method to describe a contact for help is informal. It’s sometimes used in situations that aren’t rather emergencies—you might text an SOS to your roommate to lug home ice cream, because that example.

At 12.57am, the first use that 'SOS' through the Titanic is recorded. Follow to Harold Bride, he had asked Phillips what he to be sending and also was said 'CQD.' appeal to his sense of humour, Bride said using the new call, 'SOS', together it may be his last opportunity to send it.

— Paul Lee (
DrPLee) April 15, 2018

Stranded Australian male uses drone come send SOS SMS on cabinet phone.

"After coming to be stranded ~ above a dust road between two rising creeks on Monday night, the man attached his mobile phone come a drone and flew it into the air come send an SOS via message message."

— i get it Chang (
jollyroger) January 7, 2021

My moms obtaining roasted in the gc bc she keeps pushing button combinations the send the end SOS texts to mine siblings and also I