Recently a number of readers have actually asked me:Why does mine iPhone screen “TFW” or “HOME” in the peak left status bar instead of AT&T, Verizon, acceleration or T-Mobile?

If you are a right Talk, Net10, an easy Mobile, complete Wireless, or Tracfone customer using an iphone you may be wondering why you see home or TFW presented in the left hand corner of her iPhone’s status bar rather of AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile.

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TFW way Tracfone Wireless

This text, well-known as the transport Name, reflects your wireless carrier’s name. TFW is one abbreviation because that Tracfone Wireless. If friend didn’t know, straight Talk, Net10, simple Mobile, complete Wireless, or Tracfone room Tracfone brands.

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Many world ask me if their straight Talk, Net10, or Tracfone iPhones are using the AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile network then shouldn’t their iPhone display screen the yes, really network it’s using? and well the answer is, no.

The Carrier name is intended to present the brand name for your wireless company, not the yes, really network friend are linked to.

So perhaps you room wondering, then if ns am using directly Talk or Net10, the why doesn’t mine iPhone display screen Straight speak or network 10 instead of TFW? That’s a good question too, and also the answer had actually to perform with method the Carrier name gets set.
Your wireless carrier provides Carrier settings on the iPhone. Transport settings manage carrier-related settings, such together the carrier Name, network, calling, moving data, messaging, an individual hotspot, and also voicemail settings. You have the right to see which which Carrier setting version her phone is using by feather in Settings > general > About. You might receive notifications indigenous time come time to install brand-new carrier-settings updates. You may have seen this notice before.


For whatever reason, Tracfone has chosen to use only have actually one carrier setups bundle because that all 3 brands: Tracfone, straight Talk, and also Net 10. Probably Apple had a speak in this. Quite than have three various settings that only differ in the name they have actually one.

My iPhone’s standing Bar mirrors HOME

If her iPhone’s status bar show’s HOME, you might be using straight Talk or Net10’s T-Mobile network. The iphone uses house as a default transport Name when your wireless firm has not specifically collection the carrier surname in the carrier Settings

Can I readjust TFW or house to say at&t or Verizon?

Unfortunately, you cannot readjust the Carrier name on your iPhone. In the past, the was feasible to edit and install the carrier setups yourself. You might make her iPhone display screen whatever you want it come say. For example, I can have adjusted mine come say “” or “Bob”. Sometime in 2014, Apple quit letting users install carrier settings files manually for security reasons. If for some reason, friend really desire to readjust the Carrier surname you may have the ability to if friend jailbreak your iPhone, however that is beyond the border of this article.

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What about you? which network space your using? What Carrier name does her iPhone show? leaving a reply below and also share.