In this day and age, acronyms room cool, and it’s okay that sometimes they are just too straightforward to be true; and also the problem of TFW is no less.

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For AT&T, Verizon, sprint or T-Mobile users frequently it is a reason of a chain of assumed that why is being “HOME” or “TFW” being shown instead of their respective carriers? Let us clear this up if you room a customer of straight Talk, Net10, or Tracfone and perhaps it is in pleased and content with the reason why the carrier Names move often.


What walk TFW mean?

The acronym TFW represents TracFone Wireless. Behind the scenes, component is that Straight Talk, Net10, and also Tracfone space owned by the Tracfone Wireless. On an iPhone, the carrier Name mirrors the wireless carrier you are currently connected and authorized to use.

Another concern that beginning evolving is the if their straight Talk, Net10, or Tracfone iphone phone is associated to one AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile network, climate they should display the yes, really network name it is using? The Carrier name is designed therefore that it reflects the brand surname of the company which owns the wireless network and not the network which you are currently assigned.

Role that TFW

The underlying reason behind all of this is the the Carrier name is set in a certain manner. You can propose the they can right away display Straight Talk, Net10, or Tracfone fairly than TFW? It might be that Apple has a say in the matter of deciding the Carrier surname although they execute not very own the network.

The wireless transport version deserve to be uncovered by navigating to Settings > basic > About. It has various configuration such together Carrier Name, network settings, calling, cellular data, messaging, an individual hotspot and voicemail. Every now and also then, you could receive notifications about carrier settings updates.

The factor behind Tracfone’s selection of one transport settings could be ambiguous. However it made decision to use a single setting for all the three brands: Tracfone, StraightTalk, and Net10. Instead of having actually three various configurations, which just differ in name, usage a single one. If you look at the apn settings for straight talk or apn for NET10 or Tracfone apn setups you will be able to see “tfw” together configuration.

Why iPhone condition Bar reflects ‘HOME’?

The status bar have the right to be confusing at times, however, everything has a factor why the is being displayed. The “Home” is presented when the carrier you space on,i.e. Right Talk or Net10 ‘s T-Mobile Network, has not specifically set the Carrier surname in the carrier Settings. So, over there is no reason to panic why that is reflecting “Home” as a substitute to TFW.

Changing TFW or house to at & t or Verizon

Regrettably, the liberty to change the carrier surname to virtually anything you intended to is restricted. Previously, top top iPhone, that was feasible to edit and also tinker through the transport settings prior to you download it yourself. This countermeasure to be taken by Apple due to security factors in the year 2014. Thus, the transport settings’ hand-operated install was blocked.

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However, if there is incumbent for you to change the transport name, you can constantly explore exactly how to jailbreak her iPhone, yet that is beyond the need of this article.