QUESTION: Why was Joseph given a cloak of many colors?ANSWER: The coat of plenty of Colors given to young Joseph by his father is a renowned story that begins in Genesis 37. “When Joseph was seventeen year old, he often tended his father’s flocks through his fifty percent brothers...Now Jacob loved Joseph more than any type of of his other children because Joseph had actually been born to him in his old age. So someday he provided Joseph a distinct gift -- a beautiful robe.” (The KJV claims “made the a coat of plenty of colors.”) In Joseph’s day, everyone had actually a coat. This coats or cloaks were used to store warm, carry belongings and even to offer as security for a loan. Many are reported to have been really plain and about knee length -- lock were just functional. In contrast, the cloak Jacob provided his kid was colorful, ankle length, and probably an ext in keeping with what royalty wore -- it to be beautiful.First, stop look at why Joseph to be loved much more than his siblings. Verses 2-3 tell united state that Joseph was born when Jacob remained in “his old age.” however I believe there room two extr reasons Joseph favored this son. The an initial was that Jacob well-known Joseph’s bear to Rachel as a blessing from God. Jacob had actually worked plenty of years for a man dubbed Laban to earn the privilege of marrying Laban’s daughter Rachel. Jacob love Rachel very much yet she to be barren for plenty of years while his other wives were providing him numerous sons. We review in Genesis 30:22-23, “Then God mental Rachel’s plight and answered her prayers by offering her a child. She became pregnant and gave birth to a son. ‘God eliminated my shame,’ she said. And she named him Joseph...” The called Joseph way “may he add” in Hebrew.Secondly, Jacob experienced that Joseph had been gifted with dreams revealing God’s to plan (they would be proven later to be 100% accurate). Indeed, Jacob held this kid to be very special and knew God had determined Joseph to it is in a an excellent leader. The coat was a token that this great love and also recognition. In part, Joseph was to be very instrumental in fulfilling the covenant between God and also Abraham, Joseph’s great-grandfather. This covenant was that Abraham’s seed would certainly bring around many nations, kings and rulers would be among them. “This is my covenant with you: I will certainly make friend the father of not simply one nation, yet a multitude of nations!” (Genesis 17:4). And also verse 6 says “I will offer you millions of descendants who will represent numerous nations. Monarchs will be among them.”The coat of plenty of colors ended up being a price of the favoritism in between this father and son. Perhaps it also symbolized the prophecy given in Joseph’s dream that he would someday be in a position of royalty, ruling over his family and others. This gift however, further aggravated the jealousy currently felt by Joseph’s ten enlarge brothers. This fact, follow to the rest of Joseph’s story, discovered in Genesis 37-50, was the very first step the destined events that take it Joseph from gift sold into slavery to acquiring favor indigenous Egypt’s Pharaoh and eventually conserving a nation. God had indeed allowed Joseph come not only survive countless trials, but to prosper and fulfill His design.

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- We have all sinned and also deserve God"s judgment. God, the Father, sent out His only Son to fulfill that judgment for those who think in Him.

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Jesus, the creator and eternal boy of God, that lived a sinless life, loves us so lot that He died for our sins, acquisition the punishment that we deserve, to be buried, and also rose from the dead follow to the Bible. If you important believe and also trust this in your heart, receiving Jesus alone together your Savior, declaring, "Jesus is Lord," you will certainly be saved from judgment and spend eternity v God in heaven.What is your response?Yes, today I to be deciding to follow JesusYes, ns am currently a monitor of JesusI still have questions