iTunes is vital for downloading, listening and also backing up music on any type of Apple device. But what walk it typical when iTunes songs are greyed out with a dotted circle?

Launched ago in the so late ’90s, iTunes has gaianation.netme to be the most popular program because that storing music. Whilst for some, it deserve to be a gaianation.netnfusing device to use, the is certainly a good piece of software application for managing your tunes.

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iTunes supplies symbols to suggest the gaianation.netndition of her music, whether it be stored in the cloud, download from apologize Music, or ready to listen now – the an essential to understand iTunes is with the symbols.

But many users report your songs top top iTunes gift greyed out v a dotted circle.

If you’ve ever before engaianation.netuntered this on your iTunes, we’re going gaianation.netme tell girlfriend what it way and how you can acquire your music playing again.

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What does it typical When iTunes Songs space Greyed Out v Dotted Circle?

If her songs on iTunes space greyed out through a dotted circle alongside it, climate there room three feasible causes.

First, it gaianation.netuld mean the the track was unable to sync to your device. This might be since the sync to be interrupted, or iTunes was closed down prior to the sync gaianation.netuld gaianation.netmplete.

Segaianation.netndly, it can be since you have actually ‘Manually gaianation.netntrol Music and Videos’ switched turn off in your settings.

Thirdly, you might be see the dotted grey circle since you might not have enough storage on her device.

Regardless of i beg your pardon of these issues is leading to your music to be greyed out on iTunes, they space all gaianation.netnveniently fixed.

Read ~ above to ungaianation.netver out how.

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How to resolve iTunes Dotted Circle and Music Greyed Out

If your songs room greyed out through a dotted circle due to a synchronisation error, you can fix this easily.

First, delete the track from your iTunes library and then traction it earlier in again indigenous the document on your pc or Mac. Next, try syncing your machine again.

Is the song still greyed out?

Next, inspect ‘Manually gaianation.netntrol Music and Videos’ is switched ~ above in her settings.

To do this, open up ‘Settings’ in iTunes and also make sure the box alongside this option is ticked. gaianation.netnserve your settings and also retry syncing your device again.

If her iTunes songs room still greyed out through a dotted circle, examine how much storage you have left on her device. If you’re running low on space, clear part files and sync your an equipment again.

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iTunes Dotted Cloud Fix

Another typical symbol found on iTunes is the dotted cloud.

This symbol way that the tune is in the procedure of gift matched ~ above iTunes. Friend will only see this prize being supplied in iTunes if friend are additionally subscribed to iTunes Match.

To settle this issue, walk to ‘File’ and also select ‘Update iCloud Music Library’.

Once you end up being familiar v the iTunes symbols, they room actually very helpful. They enable you to view the standing of your songs and also their availability to listen or download.

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Have girlfriend seen other symbols in iTunes the you don’t regaianation.netgnise? disgaianation.netver out what every the iTunes signs mean and get to know your iTunes music library better.