Have you ever before gotten cold feet? fairly than talking around frosty feet, having actually "cold feet" method you are apprehensive about something. Get a full meaning of the "cold feet" meaning, history and example sentences.

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cold feet definition with fearful male

What Does obtaining Cold Feet Mean?

You might have heard that a bride or groom acquiring cold feet. But what precisely does "cold feet" mean? Well, it doesn’t median that their feet were literally cold. Instead, "cold feet" or "getting cold feet" is one idiom to median you"re fear or anxious about something keep going in the near future. It can be gaining married, running a race, making a move, or even traveling to a brand-new country. There are several times when civilization get anxious about something.

Synonyms for Cold Feet

"Cold feet" functions as a great idiom, however it have the right to be useful to look in ~ synonyms when trying to understand its meaning. A few different synonyms you could see because that "cold feet" include:



drag her feet


change you"re mind


lose courage

lose confidence

How to usage Cold Feet in a Sentence

If she still having trouble make the efforts to snapshot how to usage the idiom "cold feet," then sentence examples can it is in helpful. Dive into several fun sentences making use of the expression "cold feet."

The bride started to gain cold feet when it came time to book the wedding hall.

Matthew acquired cold feet at his freshman orientation. It to be going to be tough for the to leaving his home.

My brother was getting cold feet about the move.

The officer gained cold feet around handing the examination over to the new agency.

She was gaining cold feet about the 16-hour flight for her vacation.

Tatyana obtained cold feet around going over the mile-long bridge.

The male had cold feet about the new bus course that went v the tunnel.

She didn’t want to have cold feet around her marriage tomorrow, however it was tough to ignore.

It was difficult not to gain cold feet the night before moving come a brand-new state.

I knew that was crucial to phone call her, however I had cold feet.

History of Cold Feet

While the term "cold feet" have the right to date ago to German idioms of the 1600s, that current intake can it is in traced earlier to writer Stephen Crane, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The first instance that "cold feet" supplied within print was uncovered in Crane’s Maggie: A Girl that the Streets. However, the ax was provided in conversational English before that. The was commonly heard during the war. In fact, boys the were cynical to hit in the battle were dubbed the derogatory term, cold-feeters. The ax took off after Crane’s publication and also now grooms or brides the are cynical to gain married are said to have actually "cold feet."


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Marriage and also Cold Feet

While the renowned idiom "cold feet" can be provided in every different types of situations, the most generally linked to gaining married. It totally makes sense though. Gaining married is a huge life decision that many world have second thoughts about. Therefore, an ext often 보다 not, you can hear around a bride or groom acquiring "cold feet" prior to stepping right into the church.

Do You have actually Cold Feet?

The cold feet idiom has actually nothing to carry out with your feet gift frosty. Rather, it’s as soon as someone is doubtful or apprehensive about something continue in their instant future. This might be gaining married, acquisition a expedition or even stealing a liquid bar. Now that did you do it learned around cold feet, explore one more body part idiom v the phrase "break a leg." Then, check out a few idioms because that kids.