Incessant vandalism the the unified Farm Workers" logo, a symbol ultimately appropriated by a gang, led muralist Carlos Gonzalez to eventually paint over the "Huelga Bird" v a portrait that Dolores Huerta. Picture by Carlos Gonzalez.

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A Cesar Chavez mural the was vandalized last Tuesday will certainly be shedding its so-called “huelga bird” — the price of the unified Farm employees that, an ext recently, has actually been provided as a Norteño gang sign.

“I gotta repaint over the eagle, since it’s a facility of attention for these tiny gang-bangers,” claimed Carlos Gonalez, who painted the 24th and York streets mural.

It will certainly be changed by a portrait of Dolores Huerta, a leading member of the joined Farm Workers. “It’s a compromise,” Gonzalez said. “I might as well pay her homage and diminish the legal responsibility on mine Farm workers mural.”

Gonzalez had actually no doubt the a team of Sureños to be responsible for last week’s vandalism. “They don’t treatment what it stands for,” he said. “All they understand is lock crossing the end their rival symbol.”

A source from the san Francisco Police Department likewise suspected the vandalism was a “fuck you” to the Norteños in the neighborhood. “It’s choose a game of tag,” the officer said. “Like, ‘catch me if girlfriend can.’” the said countless gang members have no idea that the symbol’s rich, non-gang history.

Erick Arguello of Calle 24 sellers Association stated the tagging the murals by gangs is inexplicable nowadays. “We’ve haven’t seen it in a long time,” that said. “There’s a quiet respect that don’t touch the murals.”

“So, once it go happen,” Arguello added, “it’s tough to tell what’s going on.”

Gonzalez painted the mural, titled Y tu, y yo y Cesar, in 1984 with fellow muralist ray Patlan. They dedicated it to Chavez, the community and other revolutionary heroes, Gonzalez called Mission regional last week.

Restoration initiatives are currently underway. Gonzalez claimed he and a crew will certainly be obtaining together Thursday afternoon approximately 2:30 p.m. To rehabilitate the artwork.

“We’re gonna have a small party,” that said.

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Rosh HoshHosh says:

The tag over and the tag attached in the comment of the earlier post happened much less than 24 hrs after the shooting at 16th and Mission. As far as tag go, these 2 are an easy to decipher. They came from a details clique.

The Norteno and also Sureno gangs were organizing at the very same time as Chavez. La eMe (Mexican Mafia) was an initial and quickly overcame the prisons MM members looked under on the farm workers that were doing time.

The imprisoned “Nortenos” were worn down of it and they developed Nuestra Familia. Chavez soon presented the thunderbird, borrowing greatly from Aztecan art. Yet Chavez to be born in the States, which makes him a Norteno by default.